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American Players of the Year Is Frozen out by WSOP Europe Schedule

World Series of Poker is returning through the European leg of the well renowned brand, a considerable 15 events that will have several poker players delighted. In case you aren’t in touch with the current realities of our time, and you’ve missed the action happening Las Vegas, we bring you the current Top 10 standings:

Position Player Points

  • 1 Robert Campbell 3,418.78
  • 2 Shaun Deeb 3,280.13
  • 3 Daniel Negreanu 3,280.13
  • 4 Daniel Zack 3,126.13
  • 5 Phillip Hui 2,881.67
  • 6 Jason Gooch 2,643.72
  • 7 Joseph Cheong 2,595.54
  • 8 David “ODB” Baker 2,480.06
  • 9 Chris Ferguson 2,476.96
  • 10 Anthony Zinno 2,443.22

From the above, it’s obvious this race is very tight, with Robert Campbell clear of Shaun Deeb and Daniel Negreanu. Both Deeb and Negreanu aka ‘Kid Poker’ will be at Rozvadov and the King’s Casino as they’ll participate in several events they can partake in.
The battle will definitely be a delight to several fans as they’ll be travelling to town built solely for poker. As several of the best memories in the summer will be made there.

While some players like Phil Hui, Poker Players Championship winner may choose to stay in United States, as he’s contented with signature victory that symbolizes their success in poker, others will fight it out for points.

However, with about 90 WSOP events taking place in Vegas, does it belittle the brand to see some players pool the entry fees for an extra 15 events?

It is definitely rewarding players for increasing their air miles, the question is are the best players in America rewarded?

For a long time, the World Series of Poker a festival for players from America. In the early 80’s, Irish players began to make a name for themselves in the game. Of course, several foreign winners also bagged bracelets in the 90’s and thereafter. Today, poker has become a global game, but it’s at the detriment of Americans who cannot travel this year.

For a long time, American players have always had the biggest chunk of the slice. They’ve had to change how they play poker to remain relevant, as they’ve left behind new and established online players who want to make a name for themselves in the live arena. So far, they’ve played less games every hour when compared to their counterparts in Europe.

Now they are told they have to travel to German border/Czech Republic for them to become WSOP Player of the Year.

While there’s a €5 million assurance and much joy playing in the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event. Players here are between the ages of 18-21 are allowed to play. This is different from what gives in America where the players have to be 21 or older. Surely, the time has come for a separate banner in Rozvadov and Las Vegas.

There’s an increased possibility that that with the prize sum involved, Rozvadov will be the home of WSOPE for a long time. If this continues into the future, it may even get to the heights Las Vegas achieved during its reign. For now, it still has a long way to go.
If players in America want to gather the €10,350 buy-in and challenge the best players in Europe, nothing should stop them. To some fans, they would prefer that the WSOP Player of the Year was the player who came out as the best in about 90 events that held in Las Vegas.
More than €22 million will be up for grabs in Rozvadov, but the Player of the Year banner is what will catch the eye of many as it won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Robert Campbell may be part of the players in Rozvadov, but for players who won’t be there, they might be forgotten if they are covered by others.

Here is the full schedule for the World Series of Poker Europe.

Event Local Time Date Event Guarantee

1 6 p.m. 13th Oct. 2019 €350 Opener No-Limit Hold’em Day 1a € 220,700
2 4 p.m. 14th Oct. 2019 €550 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Max Day 1a € 100,000
1 6 p.m. 14th Oct. 2019 €350 Opener NLHE Day 1b € 220,700
2 4 p.m. 15th Oct. 2019 €550 PLO 8-Max Day 1b € 100,000
3 2 p.m. 16th Oct. 2019 €1,350 Mini Main Event NLHE Day 1a € 551,750
4 3 p.m. 16th Oct. 2019 €250,000 Super High Roller NLHE € 5,000,000
4 3 p.m. 16th Oct. 2019 €250,000 Super High Roller NLHE € 5,000,000
3 2 p.m. 17th Oct. 2019 €1,350 Mini Main Event NLHE Day 1b € 551,750
5 4 p.m. 17th Oct. 2019 €2,500 8-Game Mix € 250,000
3 2 p.m. 18th Oct. 2019 €1,350 Mini Main Event NLHE Day 1c € 551,750
6 4 p.m. 18th Oct. 2019 €25,500 Short Deck High Roller € 2,500,000
7 4 p.m. 19th Oct. 2019 €1,100 Turbo Bounty Hunter NLHE € 200,000
8 3 p.m. 20th Oct. 2019 €25,500 Platinum High Roller NLHE € 1,000,000
9 4 p.m. 20th Oct. 2019 €1,650 PLO/NLHE Mix € 200,000
10 4 p.m. 21st Oct. 2019 €25,500 Mixed Games Championship € 1,000,000
11 2 p.m. 22nd Oct. 2019 €2,200 PLO € 200,000
12 2 p.m. 23rd Oct. 2019 €100,000 Diamond High Roller NLHE € 5,000,000
13 4 p.m. 24th Oct. 2019 €2,500 Short Deck € 250,000
14 12 p.m. 25th Oct. 2019 €10,350 Main Event Day 1a € 5,000,000
14 12 p.m. 26th Oct. 2019 €10,350 Main Event Day 1b € 5,000,000
15 6 p.m. 28th Oct. 2019 €550 Colossus NLHE Day 1a € 1,000,000
15 6 p.m. 29th Oct. 2019 €550 Colossus NLHE Day 1b € 1,000,000
15 6 p.m. 30th Oct. 2019 €550 Colossus NLHE Day 1c € 1,000,000
15 12 p.m. 31st Oct. 2019 €550 Colossus NLHE Day 1d € 1,000,000
15 6 p.m. 31st Oct. 2019 €550 Colossus NLHE Day 1e € 1,000,000
15 12 p.m. 1st Nov. 2019 €550 Colossus NLHE Day 1f € 1,000,000
15 6 p.m. 1st Nov. 2019 €550 Colossus NLHE Day 1g € 1,000,000
15 12 p.m. 2nd Nov. 2019 €550 Colossus NLHE Day 1h € 1,000,000
15 6 p.m. 2nd Nov. 2019 €550 Colossus NLHE Day 1i € 1,000,000

Source: https://calvinayre.com/2019/10/01/poker/wsop-europe-schedule-freezes-out-american-players-of-the-year/


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