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Mobile casino gaming used to rely heavily on whether an online casino had a downloadable casino app for you to use. In many cases, it was only the biggest and most notable online casinos which had apps. If you wanted to play at a smaller-scale casino, you were usually out of luck. Thankfully, things have changed and for the better. Nowadays, you do not need to download dedicated and often cumbersome casino apps to play your favourite games on the go. Let us explore why…

Introducing the Instant Play Mobile Casino


Pop into any modern and reputable online casino, such as Cleopatra Casino today, and you will notice that they do not offer a mobile casino app. Why? The truth of the matter is that they do not need to. Online casinos simply do not need to offer apps because their casinos are built using HTML5. This form of programming allows you to access what is known as an instant play site. These instant play casinos work just as well when you play them via the web browser on your phone and tablet, but also your computer. Given that the experience is relatively the same, there is little need for a casino app.

All Features Included


Casino apps would be favourable to instant play online casinos if they had something to offer which instant play casinos do not. The truth of the matter is that apart from offering unique mobile casino bonuses (which few casinos do), there is not much a typical casino app can do that an instant play casino cannot. For instance, if you visit Kingdom Casino using your mobile phone or tablet’s browser, you will note that you get the same experience playing via your portable gaming device as you do via your computer. You will get the same collection of thousands of games, the same bonuses and payment methods. Given that, why waste time downloading an app which hogs space on your phone and needs regularly updating?

iOS and Android Compatible


Casino apps are not compatible with both iOS and Android devices. In fact, many mobile casinos are simply not compatible with iOS, or it is cheaper to build an app using the open-source Android operating system. However, being able to play with one or the other is not an issue you are going to suffer from with instant play casinos. For instance, you can access Paradise Casino using the web browser on any iOS or Android device (not to mention PC) that has an internet connection. You won’t be forced to choose one or the other or miss out on mobile gameplay just because you have the “wrong device” or your tablet or phone is too old to receive updates.

Live Casino Games Work the Same

Casino dealer

Many live casino games work well on mobile devices, especially when played using the web browser on those tablets and phones. However, there are not many casino apps which have dedicated live casino sections. As a result, if you want to play live dealer casino games, it may be better to stick with what you know. If you venture over to Live.Casino, you will find live dealer casino games which can be played on mobile phones and computers. Why limit yourself to playing via an app when you simply do not have to. Moreover, by avoiding casino apps, you can play at Live.Casino via your phone when at work, and then simply log-in using your computer when you return home.

Mobile Wallets Still Work


One of the biggest misconceptions about casino apps is that you need to download the app software to deposit using mobile-only options. This is untrue. All you need to deposit with mobile payment options is a mobile phone. You can use these options just as easily when you access a site using the web browser on tablets and smartphones, as opposed to an app. This is even true for those of you who keep your cryptocurrencies stashed in a mobile wallet. Sites such as are just as user-friendly in instant play mode as they would be via a casino app. There are absolutely no drawbacks regarding mobile wallets, so do not fall for this myth.

Should I Use a Mobile Casino App?

Using a mobile app

Ultimately, it is your call as to whether you opt to play with mobile casino apps. There are perks to using such apps, too. However, we generally consider the disadvantages to them to be notable. For instance, mobile casino apps require space on your phone, and as we already use phones for practically everything else, there may not be space. Moreover, mobile casino apps frequently require updates, and that can stop you playing.

We also have the issue with older phones. Unless you buy a new phone every so often, there is every chance that your phone will no longer receive the updates, is too old to install a casino app in the first place, or you may even simply have the “wrong device” to install a casino app on. All these problems can be alleviated by choosing to play at instant play casinos like those we have listed above.

Play at Top Mobile Casinos Without Apps Today

Best Websites

You simply do not need to download casino apps to enjoy a fulfilling, exciting and mobile-friendly casino gaming experience. Most of today’s top sites can facilitate this with minimum fuss and no hassle. You do not have to download anything at all. Just choose one of the top five casinos we have listed here, visit them using your tablet or phone’s web browser and sign-in to play.

There is nothing to gambling via instant play sites if you think about it. If none of the casinos listed here tick your boxes, that is okay. There are plenty of other top casinos for you to check out at our website, so do not be shy in having a look around.