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The European betting market is hugely competitive, but Betway has managed to establish itself as one of the leading firms in the industry. With over a decade of experience in the gambling trade, Betway now attracts a huge amount of revenue from such European Nations as Britain, Spain, and Germany. This visibility in the marketplace has partly been achieved by a commitment to sponsoring major sporting events, with Betway now involved with such recognisable sporting brands as West Ham United FC, Premier League Darts, ESL UK Premiership, and UK Championship snooker.

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Betway also works closely with a range of brand ambassadors, with such household names as Mike Tindall (Rugby), Simon Hughes (cricket) and Richard Johnson (jockey) all involved in the Betway operation. There has been a very British emphasis in Betway’s strategy, which reflects the fact that the company was founded in the UK back in 2006.

However, Betway has rapidly expanded its operation, and now holds licences in eight separate European nations – the United Kingdom, Malta, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, and Belgium. Auditing of the company is carried out by eCOGRA, the independent authority for the online gaming industry, meaning that players depositing their funds with Betway can do so with confidence. eCOGRA has a variety of regulations in place regarding fair gaming, play protection, and responsible operator conduct, meaning that Betway is an extremely safe and secure betting provider. Receiving the eCOGRA stamp of approval requires a considerable amount of commitment, and it should be taken as an indication of quality.

However, although Betway has built up a deservedly strong reputation, the plurality in the marketplace means that there are plenty of other options available for gamblers. This means that each bookmaker and casino company must offer different qualities and attractions, meaning that each player in the marketplace has a slightly different flavour. Betway may not suit everyone that is passionate about sports betting, poker, and casino games, so read on to experience our review of Betway, and see how it measures up next to your particular requirements.

Betway History

It’s hard to imagine that a company that has become so recognised and visible could have been through some extremely choppy waters. But Betway certainly didn’t get off to a roaring start as a bookmaking provider. The daily management of the company was less than ideal, and Betway failed to deliver solidified processes in its early days. This naturally lead to a lot of disgruntled customers, and complaints were rife in the early years of the company. Indeed, Sportsbook Review, a highly respected sportsbook rating site, handed a rather dismal D- grade initially. Clearly, Betway had a long way to go in order to convince betting consumers in Britain to go with this new bookmaker.

But things have changed quite considerably since then, with Betway improving its customer service and internal processes. With management of the company having changed twice in the last five years, Betway has undergone a complete revamping of its processes and customer service, which is met with a favourable reception from most involved in the industry.

In the contemporary marketplace, Betway is now considered a more than competent bookmaker, with  Sportsbook Review having raised its grades to a far more respectable B-. Sportsbook Review had also previously placed the company on a blacklist of bookmakers that it recommends avoiding, but Betway has now been removed from this unenviable location as well. Betway has not allowed a slow start to scupper its business, and it has now managed to deliver the always tricky balancing act of achieving massive profits and delivering exciting opportunities for clients, while also providing a safe and fair environment.


Logically enough, the sportsbook at Betway is the centrepiece of the site, with the manufacturer claiming that gamblers can wager on over 12,000 different markets on Betway. The sports betting portal provided here is certainly impressive, with an obvious emphasis on the popular European sports. However, with society becoming increasingly multicultural, and American sports also gaining traction in Europe, with the NFL followed strongly in Britain in particular, there is also a fair amount of options on American football, ice hockey, basketball, and baseball.

betway sportsbook

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Another interesting aspect of the Betway sportsbook offering is the opportunity to lay bets on eSports. Although this is no longer unique, Betway was something of a pioneer in this department, proclaiming itself in August 2015 to be the “first major bookmaker to launch a dedicated eSports portal.” The eSports portal on the website covers such games as Call of Duty, CS: GO, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, FIFA, and World of Tanks.

For those uninitiated in the world of eSports, betting on these games involves wagering on some of the top players on the planet, much as with conventional sports. Although eSports hasn’t quite become mainstream as of yet, its popularity with the millennial generation means that it is growing all of the time, and some of the top gamers are becoming rather visible. This means that there is no requirement to get good at any of the games if you wish to bet on them, you can simply benefit from the skills of others.

One feature that particularly stands out with the sportsbook is attendant interface and statistics portal, which provides some outstanding information and data. Betway partnered with Betradar to offer all sorts of game statistics to assist bettors, and the data provided on horse racing is particularly useful. Historically, horse racing has, of course, been one of the most important sports for gambling, but with the diversification of the industry many bookmakers now look at other sports as been their primary market. Thus, it is interesting to note that Betway has signed up two jockeys as brand ambassadors recently, and there’s definitely an emphasis on horse racing content on the website.

There are plenty of great offers available on Betway, but one area of possible improvement is the odds offered on certain sports. Betway actually makes it quite clear which sports it is targeting as its core market, and the fractional odds available on some of the other sports are therefore less attractive, particularly in comparison to other bookmakers.

Services such as Oddschecker now make it possible to compare odds across multiple bookmakers for every market conceivable, so there really is no excuse for opting for anything other than the best odds for your money. Nonetheless, recreational gamblers won’t notice any particular difference with what Betway is offering, it is just the case that it is not necessarily the most competitive in the industry in all sporting areas.

Live Betting

Live betting betay

As is usually the case nowadays, Betway also offers a raft of live betting options, usually described as in-gaming gambling. This has become particularly huge in sports such as football and tennis, and Betway has clearly invested a significant amount of time and money in ensuring that the layout and interface of the live betting section is pleasing and functional. Indeed, the live betting experience is outstanding, and popular with customers, and is certainly comparable to any other provider in the industry. Betway’s site benefits from a user-friendly interface, with the types of bet available neatly organised, and the ability to scan through the list quickly has also been made available. The quality of in-play betting at Betway will definitely help the site to attract customers.

Sportsbook Bonus

Another way that Betway tends to get consumers through the door is by offering bonus schemes, in common with most bookmakers in the industry. Thus, the Betway sportsbook offers a 100% match bonus up to £50 for all new players, although this is limited to the UK, Ireland, and Canada. Interestingly, although Betway is largely focused on the European market, it has achieved some traction in this North American nation.

Those wishing to benefit from the promotion must also remember to opt-in, which is an absolutely free process, but vital if you are to receive your bonus wager money. Promotions are also run on a consistent basis for sports betting, although these tend to be seasonal, arriving and disappearing alongside other new offers, before being replaced. Some of these are better than others, but it is at least pleasing to observe several active promotions being available at any given time.

Some examples of betting promotions offered by Betway are as follows:

Free Bet Club

This promotion involves making £25 worth of football multiple bets at odds of 2/1 or higher, and receiving £10 as a bonus free each week – a £5 free bet on Saturday, and another one on Monday.

NBA In-Play Special

If you place a live bet on any NBA game, and you lose with the last score of the game being a 3-pointer, Betway will refund you with a free bet up to £25.

No Goal Special

If you make a win/draw/win bet on any NHL match, Betway will refund your losing bet up to £50 in the form of a free bet, should your team fail to score.


Betway casino

And finally among the Betway offerings is the Betway Casino, which also operates on the aforementioned micro-gaming software. This is good news straight away, as the Betway system is compatible with the most reputable online casino platforms in the world, and this makes the site particularly beneficial for casino play. Micro-gaming casinos are renowned for having some of the biggest progressive jackpots available in the world, and the biggest ever recorded was indeed awarded at Betway. Cheshire’s Jon Heywood £13 million after depositing just £30.

Game Selection

Betway slots

There are a wide variety of games available at Betway, with an amazing array of different options. And the front-end of the website is rather pleasing in appearance, meaning that you can navigate through the virtual casino with ease.

Table games at Betway currently amount to the following:

17 Variations of other popular table games including the following:

  • 3 Card Poker
  • 3 Card Poker Gold Series
  • Craps
  • Progressive Cyberstud Poker
  • Highspeed Poker
  • 3 Card Poker Gold Series (Variation)
  • Poker Pursuit
  • Red Dog
  • LIVE 3 Card Poker
  • LIVE Caribbean Stud
  • LIVE Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em
  • High Limit Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Triple Pocket Hold ‘em Poker
  • Baccarat Gold SeriesBaccarat

There are also 59 variations of video poker, and over 400 variations of 5-reel and 3-reel slots. There are numerous classic and retro games also made available as well.

Overall, the quality of slot games is certainly comparable to any other casino provider. Betway really does an excellent job of providing authentic slot games, which are exactly like the real versions. Navigation is always straightforward, and the casino is also superbly compatible with mobile platforms. Betway doesn’t rest on its laurels either; the site developers are continually updating the array of choices on offer. If you’re a slot player, Betway is definitely a good place to start.


Speaking of mobile platforms, Betway does indeed offer outstanding compatibility with both iOS and Android. The native applications that can be downloaded for your phone or tablet work superbly well, although the browser site is also worth considering for those that do not wish to download any external software. However, if you are intending to play on mobile, it is certainly advisable to download the application, as this makes the process considerably easier.

Casino Welcome Bonus

Betway also attempts to sweeten the deal for new players by offering a welcome bonus that can be split across three different deposits. This is a rather attractive deal, as it means that you don’t need to miss out on the balance if you only wish to upload a little money onto the site at first, while testing its operation. The deposit bonuses available on your first three deposits at Betway are as follows:

Of course, it should just briefly be noted that there are requirements regarding playing in order for you to unlock this bonus, but this is of course standard practice across the industry.

Deposits and Withdrawals

One of the most important aspects of any casino site is, of course, the deposit and withdrawal options, and Betway is certainly competitive in this department. Indeed, we have to say that the website offers more deposit options than the majority of sites in the European marketplace. It should be noted that the deposit and withdrawal options do vary slightly depending on geographical region, but the overwhelming majority remain the same. It is probably advisable, though, particular for those living in smaller countries, to double-check with support to confirm which wagering options are available.

Deposit options available on Betway include the following:

All of the above options are also available for withdrawals, apart from Maestro. Deposits are instant, regardless of the option taken, while waiting times on withdrawals are pretty competitive. Some can be instant after the site approves cashing out, but all forms of withdrawal should take less than a week, with many positive remarks being made on gambling forums regarding this process and Betway’s reliability.

Who Can Play

In a competitive global marketplace, Betway has particularly focused on certain territories. Thus, players from the following countries have been particularly approved by the website:

Players from Belgium, Denmark, Italy and Spain are also able to use Betway, but must log on from a country-specific site. Unfortunately, there are many countries that Betway blacklists, far too many to list here. So you should definitely check with Betway before signing up for services, and also take this extremely seriously, as you run the risk of completely losing your money if you do indeed deposit any without it being adequately approved.


Another big element of the prestigious site is Betway Poker, which operates as part of the microgaming network included on the website. There are obviously a huge amount of poker sites out there nowadays, But Betway manages to attract a lot of traffic to its poker offering. Indeed, official figures indicate that it attracts a similar amount of traffic to Party Poker and Full Tilt Poker, although it’s not quite up there with PokerStars and 888 Poker.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as many people who haven’t played poker on Betway in fact consider the size of the site to be ideal. There are always plenty of players available in order to play poker, but not so many that tournaments become overwhelming and difficult for beginners. Medium-sized sites are also less likely to attract the most aggressive and accomplished players, as such individuals tend to stay on the small handful of mega-sites.

micro-gaming consists of multiple online poker rooms. In addition to Betway Poker, some of the most notable sites are 32Red, Betsafe, and Betsson. With Betway operating on the same network, this means that all sites use the same software, with customisation included in order to match the brand involved. This is also extended to the pool of potential players, as the opportunity will be there to get together and compete with players from these other smaller sites as well. This can have advantages and disadvantages, but what it usually means is that there are a lot more weaker players available, making this a good site for beginners.

Installing micro-gaming software is easy, and the system is also user-friendly. We found the interface to be quite nifty, rather lightweight, and not overloaded with unnecessary graphics and irritating animations. The betting scheme involved makes choosing actions and wagering user-friendly and straightforward, and we believe that this site will be ideal for low to mid-stakes players. This is where the bulk of the traffic is on Betway, with the blinds beginning at 0.10/0.20, and going as high as 25/50. There is minimal traffic for the higher stake games, though, meaning that Betway Poker isn’t necessarily a professional standard offering, but rather a Poker website for the more intermediate player.

Another interesting aspect of Betway Poker is that the site features poker tournaments that are much smaller in terms of players compared to the other major sites. What this means that the pot may be smaller than with conventional poker, but winning these tournaments is also significantly easier. If you are a capable poker player, you will win more regularly on Betway than on any major poker site. And the skill level of players is not necessarily as high as on the major sites either. There are fefinitely opportunities to make some easy money for skilled players, although the lower stakes involved mean that vast amounts of revenue being generated is unlikely.

Poker Bonus

In order to sweeten the deal, Betway also offers a 200% first deposit bonus up to £750. At the time of writing, new depositors also benefit from six £1,000 free rolls, Although it is debatable how long this particular promotion will last. You need to earn 100 Loyalty Points for every £1.50 in bonus cash, and you get 10 points for every £1 you’ve paid in rake or tournament fees. Bonus cash isn’t exactly released quickly, with Betway paying in 1% increments, but you will get everything that you’ve been promised eventually. You have to deposit a least £10 in order to receive this bonus, and it should be noted that it expires within days of this initial deposit.

While these bonus figures are always attractive, and tend to generate interest, it is probably more advisable to simply deposit how much money you want to play with, and play the volume that you desire. This will clear some of the bonus, and the entire amount in some cases, rather than overplaying the game and losing money chasing what is a pretty small amount of bonus cash. On any poker site, the emphasis should always be on playing normally, with the bonus considered just that; a bonus!

Aside from its main poker offering, Betway also offers several weekly free rolls, which are open to players of all skill levels. These free entry tournaments see Betway put up free money into the prize pot, although some requirements must be met in order to claim this free entry. Betway is constantly tweaking the free roll tournaments available, but the following is a list of the current options available on Betway, along with the requirements for entry.

  • £3000 Sunday Freeroll – Play 100 raked hands within the last seven days, and you’re eligible.
  • £1000 Saturday Freeroll – Play 25 raked hands within the last 24 hours to be eligible.
  • £300 Happy Saturday Freeroll – Play 1 raked hand within the last seven days and you’re eligible.
  • £150 Survivor Freeroll – No requirements!
  • £500 Freeroll – Play 1 raked hand within the last 14 days, and you’re eligible.
  • £50 Freerolls – There are about five of these every day that has no requirements to get into.

Betway also offers a VIP program that is exclusive to poker, enabling players to get rake back from their account. The concept of rake back involves the casino surrendering some of the small portion of the pot that they take as their fee. This is certainly not to be ignored, as good rake back deals mean that it is possible to break even in the game, without playing to the same standard as usual.


The products and services available at Betway are generally impressive, with the sheer range of game options available particularly standing out. Depositing and withdrawal all happens painlessly, with licensing and regulatory oversight both clear and transparent. There are some decent bonus options available as well, and it is a nice touch to include bonuses that are specific to the different segments of the site.

Poker on Betway is perhaps a little weak for the more serious player, but those learning the game are certainly well catered for. The sportsbook offers some good odds, and is certainly competitive, and overall Betway is an excellent all-in-one online gambling provider. Those wanting a jack-of-all-trades could do far worse than signing up for Betway, and regularly monitoring the site.

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