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The image of the true life of the poker player is often distorted by the fantasy of marketing or the false illusion of permanent luck. Whether with beginner poker players playing online in their rooms or watching a poster that invites you to leave that boring office job for something more sensational and full of excitement at a game table.

Of course there are very successful and lucky players, but the truth is that the talent for the game is always accompanied by discipline and many daily hours of dedication. Although poker brands do their part in the business by spending money to attract recreational players among those who feed the ambition to go further and go to the next level of play.

However, success in poker often has other stories. The tournament summary we read describing the new winner who won six figures, does not say everything behind that victory. How much should that player have placed in the prize pool? How did you beat the other players? The victories we witness are not the whole truth of poker, nor are the chronicles we read.

The poker player is in many ways the center of the activity. The industry depends on it to stay and move forward, as well as cameras and media coverage. This industry must maintain a high profile, attractive and well-polished for the spectators. From the money contributed, the players that participate, the RFID at the tables, to the sponsorships on screen and the words that are read, everything counts to keep the poker industry high.

There is also another way to captivate fans and that is when players reveal their techniques or advise us about what is right and what is not. This is precisely what players like Daniel Negreanu and Dara O’Kearney do, who permanently publish many tips for their followers on their blogs and social networks.

They tell their game experience in detail and reveal that playing poker is much more complex than a promotional poster that fades over time and is replaced by another ad with a new product.

Two players shared game statistics with their fans this week. One of them was the well-known professional Tony Dunst, winner of the WSOP bracelet and host of the World Poker Tour. He described on Twitter how his activity was in 2019, while referring to his best year on the circuit.

The other was Niall Farrell, who made some reflections on his life as a professional player and recounted how some of his victories were.
Like the reading of Ryan LaPlante’s blog, as always interesting, he made a breakdown of the numbers obtained last year and his realistic aspirations for this year.

This type of reading or content is not only very refreshing but also helps fans and aspirants a lot to better understand the nature of the game. It would be extraordinary for many more professionals to emulate this activity. Because there has been a big change in the poker player who plays for a living today, and those who are already in business have a lot to contribute to beginners about the ups and downs they experience in their career.

Those who do not love to see an explosion of Phil Hellmuth or read what Stu Ungar has to say about the counting cards delivered on the occasion of a prop of props. Game statistics are not enough, we all want to know how beans are cooked on the felt. Live and vibrate with the real history of poker told by its own authors.


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