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Canada features some of the absolute best real money online casinos. From live casinos to cryptocurrency betting sites, Canada is home to a myriad of different places where you can bet with real money. You might argue that there are so many different places that you can choose to sign up to, that it will be challenging to find one top dog out of the pack. Fortunately, that is what Canada Online Casinos is here to help you with.

On this page, will take a closer look at the best real money online casinos in Canada. We will share with you tips to get the most of your casino gaming experience and point you in the direction of a few top casinos to sign up to. If you live in Canada and want to join Canada’s best real money casinos, then read on to find out more.

Why Play Casino Games for Real Money?

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Why would you choose to play casino games for real money in the first place? Aside from the obvious (winning real money), playing at real money casinos in Canada brings a sense of excitement that you just will not get for free-to-play games. There is always going to be an element of risk to betting real money at top Canadian casinos. However, if you are careful, and know what you are doing, playing with (and potentially winning) real money can be one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have online.

With that said, you might be wondering what you should keep your eye out for when betting for real money online? This is where comes in. Let us begin…

Thousands of Games, Dozens of Providers

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One of the best, guaranteed ways to ensure that you have got a decent chance of winning real money at Canadian online casinos is to play at sites which offer a great deal of variety in terms of games. The more different types of casino games a top Canadian online casino has to offer, the more likely you are to find something which provides value for money.

First and foremost, you are going to want to ensure that you play real money casino games from the biggest providers on the net. These are the software developers which are regulated and have their games tested to ensure that they meet the industry standards in terms of fair play.

They can include:

BetSoft Gaming
Yggdrasil Gaming
Evolution Gaming
Red Tiger Gaming

Canada is a country which is relatively open to online casino gaming, so do not be surprised if you see over twenty or thirty developers offered at a casino. Each has their own qualities and can provide you with great real money games, but the ones listed above really do run the show.

A Touch of Everything

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As well as offering quality games from top providers, the best real money casinos in Canada will also carry a variety of different games. Not every Canadian is a slot lover – some prefer the more traditional take on casino games. If a Canadian casino features a variety of real money games from many top developers (as our recommended casinos do), then you are likely to find a decent selection of titles to choose from.

Ultimately, you are looking for a site which can offer the following real money games:

Online Slots: Also known as video slots, these games have fixed jackpots. They can include MegaWays slots, Cluster Pays, 3D and mobile slots, and will have a collection numbering in the thousands, spanning all sorts of themes and packing all manner of features.

Jackpot Slots: Progressive jackpot slots are a must if you want to win large sums of real money. These games can see their prizes won at random, via winning combinations or bonus rounds. Ultimately, you can win anything from a few hundred to several million dollars with these slots.

Fruit Machines: The older, more classic type of slot, fruit machines, classic slots and one-armed bandits are enjoyable, too. Fewer symbols mean that you get a decent shot of winning real money on their wheels, despite a lack of features and lines.

Table Games: Those Canadian players who prefer a more traditional approach to casino gaming will like top RNG (random number generator) table games. These can include baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette, and table pokers. You play against an AI dealer here. Expect multiple variants of each type of game.

Video Poker: At the same time, top casinos should also offer video pokers. These real money games are not played against an AI dealer. In fact, they only require you to form winning hands which match a paytable to land a win.

Instant Win Games: You will also find instant win games at Canada’s best real money casinos. These regularly include online scratch cards, keno, fixed odds, and lottery games and more.

Live Dealer Games: If you prefer the ultimate in casino realism, then playing live dealer games could be for you. These titles feature a real-to-life human dealer who controls the action over a live video stream. You’ll get to play baccarat, blackjack, roulette and a few table poker games, as well as more inventive money wheel games with these real money titles.

As mentioned, when you opt to play with’s recommended real money casinos, you are guaranteed to find top quality betting sites which offer you all the above, as well as many more great titles.

High RTP Rates are Always the Best

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The type of internet casino game you choose to play at Canada’s real money casinos can determine how likely you actually are to win, and how much your bet goes to the casino and to an accumulated winning pot. This is known as the RTP (return to player) rate, and every game has one. For every bet that you make on a real money game, a percentage (RTP) will be made available to the player to win, while a much smaller figure (house edge) will go straight to the casino’s coffers.

Any Canadian who is seriously considering winning real money on casino games should opt to play titles which have high RTP rates. At the same time, they want to avoid playing casino games which have high house edges. The optimal slot games to play are those which have an RTP rate of 95% or higher. This is the industry standard. As for table games, the RTP rates are not usually disclosed, but the house edges are. Here, you are looking for table games (and live dealer titles) which have a house edge of no more than 5%, where possible. Naturally, this can vary a little, depending on the table game that you are playing.

Play Games with the Correct Volatility

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Another thing to keep an eye out for when playing at online casinos for real money is volatility or variance. Volatility and variance both mean the same thing – the level of risk involved. They are most associated with slot games at Canadian real money casinos. The way it works is like this:

High Volatility: Highly volatile games carry immense prizes. However, you do not tend to win very often. Playing these real money games can require you to have a decent balance, to sustain the period of losses which inevitably come before a big win.

Medium: Medium variance/volatile games offer you a mixture of high volatility and low variance action. They are the standard for most casino games. In these games, things are determined more at random, so you could win big or small prizes, often or less frequently.
Low Variance: Low variance games are those which pay out regularly. However, as they do so, they tend to dish out smaller wins. These games are suitable for any Canadian who plays with a strict budget.

You can often find out the variance and volatility of a slot machine by checking the game’s paytable. Some top real money casinos in Canada also publish their games’ volatility ratings, and it is possible to check them out with slot reviews.

Opt to Play Free Games for Experience


Playing free casino games might sound counterintuitive when you want to win real money at Canada’s top sites, but there is a point to it. In fact, doing so can actually help you win real money. How?

If you sit down and pick any game at random, you might win real money – this is true. However, you are effectively walking into the game blind. You do not know its variance and volatility, you do not know its RTP, what its features can do, its minimum and maximum stakes, or if you will even enjoy it. By playing a casino game for free, you can figure out all of this. Most top Canadian online casinos provide free-to-play games alongside real money ones. By trying your hand at these slots and table games for free first, you can get a good idea of which are the best Canadian real money casinos games to play, long before you risk your own money on them.

Sadly, live casino games cannot be played for free. However, as most of these are based on the same principle and rules as RNG (random number generator) games, you can always opt to play free RNG table games to get a rough idea what to expect before you bet.

Nice Features to for Real Money Casinos to Have

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Having a cracking selection of great games is vital for Canada’s best online casinos. However, it is also necessary for these sites to have other features. You will stand a far better chance of winning real money if all the pieces of the puzzle come together. With that in mind, what are some other features that you should ideally like to see at Canada’s best real money online casinos?

Why is an HTML5 design important? HTML5 is a coding language which virtually ensures that you can visit and play at a Canadian real money casino using the web browser on your computer or your phone. It does not matter which. This is handy because it means that you can enjoy top real money casino games on the go, without having to download cumbersome casino apps which require frequent updates and take up space.

Easy to Navigate Design: You want to be able to play your favourite games rapidly. You do not want to have to trawl through multiple menus just to play. Because of this, having a user-friendly and easy to navigate design is a plus. For instance, if your Canadian real money casino keeps your favourite games stored in a handy section, you can play with ease every time. Moreover, easy to navigate casinos tend to group together the best paying and most popular real money games (as well as jackpot slots) into nice categories; this is worth considering, too.

Cryptocurrency Gambling: Cryptocurrency gambling is on the rise. However, not every player knows how to get going with digital currencies. Because of this, it is ideal if a Canadian real money casino allows you to deposit with FIAT currencies as well as cryptocurrencies. This way, you can gradually make the switch over at a time which works for you.

While the above features are certainly nice to have, there two other aspects of Canadian real money casinos which are “must-have”. These include real money casino bonuses and payment methods. Let us look at those next.

Playing at Canadian Online Casinos with Real Money Bonuses

Casino bonuses

Canada’s top online casinos should offer real money bonuses. Not every player has a wad which you can use to beat a whale to death. Some of us are shrewder when it comes to loosening the purse strings. A decent casino bonus can help Canadians go a long way towards winning real money, but only if it comes with the “right” conditions.

The offers you want to look out for are:

Cash Match Bonuses: Either offered as an initial welcome bonus or reload bonuses for already existing players. Many casinos offer both. Ultimately, you can claim a sum of cash based on the amount you deposit.

Free Spin Bonuses: Offered to already existing players, either as special offers or loyalty deals, these bonuses can see you spin the reels of a slot for free, with the potential to win real money.

Loyalty Deals: A decent casino loyalty program can see you pick up rewards just for playing games. These can include cashback and free spin offers, amongst other goodies.

Monthly Specials: One-off promotions; a monthly special could consist of a tournament, or anything else. These tend to be decent bonuses to look at if you want to bolster your balance and your chances of winning real money.

The value of bonuses at Canadian online casinos may seem important, but it is arguably less so than the terms and conditions attached. It is these which determine whether you get value for money. For instance:

High wagering requirements will see you have to wager your winnings many times before you can withdraw. This is not good if you want to cash out real money winnings. So, we would avoid offers which have playthrough rates of over 40x.

If a casino has a high minimum deposit limit, you are going to have to deposit a significant sum before you can claim an offer. This is worth considering before you decide that a bonus is for you.

Not all internet casino bonuses can be used on all games. If you want to claim a live casino bonus, you can often only use it on live dealer games, not real money RNG table games. Each bonus will have a list of games that it is valid for, and those it is not. Make sure you claim the right offer for the game you want to play; otherwise, you could end up losing your real money winnings trying to clear the wagering requirements of an essentially useless bonus that you did not really want.

Cashing Out Your Winnings at Real Money Casinos

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Once you have managed to land that all-important real money win, it is time to cash it out. However, there are a few things that you need to know about Canadian real money casinos and the withdrawal process before you do so.

Ideally, you should try and use a Canadian payment method to cash out. The main reason for this is that you are guaranteed to be able to withdraw using Canadian dollars and thus avoid currency exchange rates and fees. Top Canadian payment options at real money casinos include:


You can also use credit card and e-wallet options. We would recommend e-wallets over credit cards. Some credit card options may come with a small withdrawal charge, which can cut into your real money winnings. We would not want that, and we are sure that you do not, either.

At the same time, it is also worth looking at the payment times, and any fees (unlikely) attached to withdrawal options. These could play a part in determining whether playing at a Canadian online casino for real money is worth the time and effort.

Lastly, we should mention withdrawal caps. Every online casino will set a limit on how much you can withdraw. This will either be per transaction, daily, weekly, or monthly. On top of that, each payment provider may have its own caps. Similarly, an online casino may have rules regarding how it chooses to pay out big progressive jackpot cash prizes. Ideally, you want to receive your jackpot prize in one lump sum. Whether you win a large stack of cash or smaller sums of money, you want to be able to get hold of your casino winnings quickly, and in full. This is something our recommended real money Canadian casinos can do.

Real Money Gambling Is Risky, So Use the Tools Available

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We are approaching the end of our guide on Canadian real money casinos. It would be irresponsible of us not to remind you that gambling online always involves risk. However, there are certain tools which you can use to help you stay safe and keep hold of your real money winnings. They include:

Deposit Caps: If used correctly, these will limit how much you can deposit at a casino. This will see you unable to chase your losses to the same extent as if you did not use them. The perk here is that you are more inclined to only gamble with your winnings, not money you cannot afford to lose.

Game Time Reminders: Time can fly by when gambling with real money. Because of this, a timely reminder of how long you have been playing might persuade you to withdraw your real money winnings immediately.

Self-Exclusion/Cool Downs: If things get too much, do not hesitate to use self-exclusion and cool-down periods to ensure that you take a breather from betting online.

Wager Limits: You can set caps on how much you can bet, too. These will ensure that once you have reached your limit, you cannot be anymore. Again, this might persuade you to withdraw any real money winnings that you have ahead of time.

Cash Locks: These handy features remind you to cash out your real money winnings. Moreover, once you have “locked-in” winnings, you cannot bet them again. This is a forced withdrawal method and one of the best responsible gambling tools out there.

Using the responsible gambling tools listed above, as well as many others should allow you to stay safe when betting with real money. If things get scary, you can always enlist yourself into a problem gambling program. Any top Canadian online casino offering real money games and promoting responsible gameplay will offer such a service.

Top Tips for Playing at Canadian Online Casinos with Real Money

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Before you get started playing at the best Canadian online casinos for real money, we will introduce you to a few top tips. By following these gambling tips, you can put yourself into the best position to win real money when playing at Canada’s finest online casinos. Here is what recommends:

Only choose safe and secure Canadian online casinos, such as those recommended here
Learn about RTP and volatility, so you can understand which games give you the best shot of winning real money
Avoid all bonuses which have high wagering requirements
Take advantage of locked withdrawal options if you are the type of player who might consider gambling any money won
Play games for free, to understand which ones are best suited to our playing style
Use Basic Strategy when playing online blackjack, and similar strategies for other table games
Avoid side-bets in table games, as they increase the house edge

Choose a Top Casino with Canada Online Casinos Today

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We have reached the end of the road with our guide to playing at Canadian online casinos for real money. All that now remains is for you to join a top real money casino in Canada. Fortunately, we will leave you with some parting advice – a list of top places to play.
Head to our casino reviews section, and you will find a handful of the best real money casinos that Canada has to offer. Each has been hand-picked by our team because it fulfils the criteria listed above, and is legal, licensed and regulated. If you want to put yourself in the best position to win real money at Canadian online casinos, you cannot go wrong with our recommended betting sites.