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There are arguably more Curacao licensed casinos than any other form of online casino. Despite that, the eGaming license provider has something of a mixed reputation in the internet betting world. Licenses issued by the authorities in Curacao are often said to be relatively easy to obtain for any operator with enough money to go through the process of acquiring one. Does that make these casinos less safe or legal than those who have obtained licenses elsewhere? Not really, but there are a few things that you should know about Curacao eGaming licensed online casinos. To find out what, read more in our guide to these online casinos and the licensing body behind them.

About Curacao eGaming Licensed Online Casinos


At any given time, there are roughly 450 online casinos, such as Kingdom Casino, licensed by the Government of Curacao. Given that they started offering eGaming licenses way back in 1996, they can rightly be credited with being the first, and, therefore, the oldest internet casino licensing jurisdiction in the world. One of the most appealing things about the Curacao eGaming license is that it is cost-effective. In short, it costs extraordinarily little to renew, and there are no gambling taxes involved. This makes it a cut-price snip for many casinos who are just beginning their operations.

For many casinos, obtaining a Curacao license is the first step to catering to players across the internet. If they wish to break into exclusive markets, such as the United Kingdom, or Sweden, they will then go on to obtain individual licenses or more recognised MGA licenses later down the line. It all starts with that Curacao eGaming license, though.

Curacao eGaming Licensed Casinos and Regulation


For a long time, a Curacao license meant that an online casino did not really suffer from much regulation. While this was good for the casino, as it allowed them to do pretty much whatever they wanted (within reason), it was not so good for players. Instead, Curacao eGaming licensed sites tended to use third party regulators to ensure that they were complying with the latest industry standards in terms of fair play, security, and safety. This ensured that top casino sites were offering fair gaming to their players, although it had little to do with their license.

However, that is changing. As of March 2021, operators will now pay fees and gambling taxes to obtain and keep their Curacao eGaming license. This is a move which is in line with other leading regulators. At the same time, a new independent regulator will be created with monitoring casinos under license from Curacao and will revoke the licenses of those sites which break the rules.

Arguably the most interesting change to occur will see Curacao licensed casinos no longer able to offer their services to players in nations which do not recognise its license. This is set to be one of the biggest shake-ups in the history of the online casino world.

Typical Curacao eGaming Licensed Casino Features

Casino Features

There are several features which many top Curacao eGaming licensed casinos share. They accept players from most countries, tend to have sizable promotions and bonuses, and often feature a selection of games from just a handful of providers. However, there are standout casinos, too, and these break the mould.

Cleopatra Casino is a fine example of this, as the online casino carries thousands of games (over 4,000) from 30+ software providers. With Cleopatra Casino, you will get to play with the best games from leading providers. The bonuses and promotions are in-line with what we would expect to see at Curacao licensed casinos, and unlike some rival sites, you will also get fair terms and conditions on bonuses.
Cleopatra Casino is also one of several casinos to use external regulation to ensure that everything is fair and friendly for its players.

Casinos which have a Curacao eGaming license may also be able to offer other forms of gambling games. For instance, a license out of this jurisdiction can span sports betting, slot gaming, e-sports, table games, lotto games and casino games all under one roof.

Things to Note About Curacao Licensed Casinos

Things to note

You do not have to search awfully hard to find top Curacao licensed online casinos. There are over 450 reputable, respectable domains offering games under a Curacao license, and arguably over a thousand other betting sites which are less attractive options. Curacao casinos tend to accept players from many countries across the globe (sometimes even when they are not supposed to), so you are unlikely to have to worry about being able to play at them.

On top of their availability, you will also note that Curacao eGaming licensed online casinos tend to be able to offer added goodies that casinos licensed out of other jurisdictions cannot. For instance, it is with Curacao licensed casino sites that you can bet with cryptocurrencies without fail. is a classic example of a Curacao licensed site which accepts both FIAT and cryptocurrency options. Curacao is the only real licensing jurisdiction which has made accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others part of its turnkey solutions.

Play at Top Curacao eGaming Licensed Casinos Today

Best Websites

There are both perks and drawbacks to playing at average Curacao eGaming licensed casinos. However, there are a few sites out there which are licensed out of Curacao which are truly exceptional domains. These are independently audited and regulated, carry a wealth of payment methods, have proven track record for fairness, and immense collections of games, as well as fair bonuses and promotions.

We have already mentioned that, Kingdom Casino and Cleopatra Casino are the best that Curacao licensed casinos have to offer. However, do not be shy in checking out our other Curacao eGaming licensed online casinos to find other top places to sign up and play today.