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Finns mistrust MPs on gambling

According to a poll conducted by Bilendi Oy and commissioned by affiliate Kasino Curt, most Finns do not believe MPs on gambling policy. A sample of 1,000 participants were asked if they agree with the statement, well over half of adult Finns (57.3 per cent) agree fully or partially with the above statement. 31.8 per cent of them agree fully with it. The rest either cannot say their opinion or have a neutral stance in the matter. Mistrust of MPs was particularly strong among older citizens, with 41% of 55-to-64-year-olds fully disagreeing and 27% partly disagreeing.

Finns believe that Finnish MPs want gambling policies that are, first and foremost, beneficial for them.

The study also found that more Finns compete with Veikkaus’s gambling monopoly than support it and that opinions are more negative towards Veikkaus than in March, when 33% strongly agreed and 34% strongly disagreed.

When given the statement, “Veikkaus does enough work to eliminate the harmful effects of gambling,” only 8% strongly agreed and 19% partially agreed, while 19% strongly disagreed and 26% partially disagreed.

These are some of the findings of the survey commissioned by Kasino Curt, the gambling information website. The interviews were conducted as part of Bilendi Oy’s M3 Panel, a nationwide consumer panel, between 21 and 23 August 2019. The survey error margin is ±3.1 percentage points. A total of 1,000 Finnish adults responded to the survey, and this sample was weighted based on age, gender and place of residence to represent the Finnish population on a national scale.

The survey also found that 41% of the population want to break Veikkaus’s gambling control in the country, while only 28% want to keep it together. Some 17% strongly supported ending the monopoly and 11% were strongly opposed to ending it. In March, support for breaking the monopoly was only marginal, with 31% wholly or partly agreeing to end Veikkaus’s monopoly and 27% wanting to keep it in place.

According to the survey, 45% of respondents believe that the gaming monopoly in the country will end within the next ten years, while only 22% believe it will remain, compared to 31% and 24% respectively in March.

Some 40% of Finns are opposed, including 16% who are fully opposed, to Veikkaus marketing its games, while 29% approve of the company advertising. In March, 22% said they approved of the company’s advertising while 33% disapproved. Veikkaus has cut back marketing efforts significantly since March, including slashing its marketing budget by more than 70% for Q2 of 2019 and putting an end to marketing its land-based slots.

Senior Client Service Manager for Bilendi Oy Janne Juntunen says:

“The survey indicates that Finns have recently taken a stricter stance on the monopoly position of Veikkaus Ltd, the government-owned betting agency. Moreover, the idea of removing gambling machines from everyday environments is gaining increasing support across all age groups,”

Finns were more divided on whether Finland’s justification to the EU for its gambling monopoly ⁠— that it is necessary to reduce gambling harm ⁠— is accurate, while 33% of respondents said they agreed with the justification wholly or partly, while 33% said they did not.

Veikkaus announced its financial results for the second quarter and first half of 2019 yesterday (September 5), with turnover, revenue and profit all falling as chief executive Olli Sarekoski acknowledged the future of its gambling monopoly was in question.

The company also accredited a series of new social responsibility controls. As well as putting an end to advertising its land-based slots, it announced the decrease in the number of slot machines it functions. The company will also announce compulsory identity controls and Sarekoski said it may even remove certain games from the market soon. Certainly, it seems Finns think that the gambling monopoly in Finland is a good example of a supervisory detention.

Source: https://www.igamingbusiness.com/news/survey-finns-do-not-trust-mps-gambling


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