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Poker on screen is not unusual. However, the importance of poker in a TV series varies widely. Sometimes, it really becomes the most prominent part of the show and often it turns out to be a simple sideshow. However, there are series where it becomes both partly. The hit TV series Frasier becomes one of the shows that displays poker on-screen and also becomes an iconic setting.

How does it really start? Frasier Crane, an eminent Psychiatrist, hosts his KACL Radio Show. One day he tells his producer that she can tell a criminal from any distance. However, the series becomes interesting when the father of the Harvard educated Frasier, a retired police officer asks him to identify the former convict among three. All of the three were invited to his house for a Poker Party.

The game sets as the poker night arrive. Each episode of the Frasier of 22 minutes was full of drama. The challenges were set for Frasier. His father Martin had three friends coming to the party, two were former cops and one was a long-time friend who spent some time at the jail as well. So, Frasier had to choose the convict among Frank, Linda, and Jimmy.

He starts usually like any other player and starts observing for the clues. He searches for clues that are not there. He tries to support his theories with evidence and suspicions. However, his preconceptions and notions were no match. He like any other non-poker player goes with evocative prejudice rather than strong skills. He ultimately guesses the wrong person.

However, that was not the end of it. He changes his mind after guessing it wrong and then gets tangled with his own theories. However, he continues to find and support evidence and theories and guesses another person. Ohh! He guesses it all wrong again.

So, he finds out that despite all his academic excellence and knowledge, he does not name the person who was the culprit. The ending is very beautiful and it is better not to be revealed. However, the series shows how academic excellence and bookish knowledge does not help every time in real-life situations. Frasier understands that he is way behind his father who is less educated than him but at the table of poker he is better.

The series revolves around poker and sets up beautifully. There are comedy and drama in the series. However, the best part of the series is that it has mental challenges and of course intelligence that makes it very interesting.


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