Driver’s especially new ones always get advices from other people like watch out for other cars and crossing pedestrians, stop using mobile phones while driving, follow the rules and regulations, etc. But no one tells you about passengers who keeps on commenting on driver’s actions and decisions and want to control the car.

Driving your own car is exciting and you may feel the need to pass on your driving techniques but not while other people are driving. A disagreement inside the car is the last thing you want to happen, right.

Ways on how to annoy other drivers:

  • Insisting on the route you would take.
  • Keeps on reminding obvious things like when the traffic light is green or red.
  • Get involved in the driver’s area.
  • Frequent asking about the car’s safety features.
  • Always conscious about the driving speed, keep on asking about directions, etc.
  • How to get rid of the backseat driver habit

There’s a reason why some people have a habit of being a backseat driver. They may have been in a major or minor accident and don’t want to experience it again. They are nervous and feel that they need to control everything that’s happening inside the car even if they’re not the one in charge.

If you feel that you’ve become a backset driver, here are some few tips to change that:

  • Start talking about positive things or anything beautiful.
  • Enjoy the scenery while on the passenger’s seat.
  • Listen to your favorite music.
  • Read books, magazines, novels, etc.

Becoming a backset driver is very much offensive to the person in-charge of the car. It only shows that you don’t trust the driver and gives an impression that the driver is not capable enough to get you safely to your destination. This is very stressful to the driver and he or she might not focus on driving safely anymore.

If you think that the person driving has a bad record, let him or her know about what you feel. Be honest and tell the driver about your anxiety. Try to ask about their style of driving. Make sure you are comfortable with how they drive before setting out on a long road trip. It’s a good idea to plan out your trip early and know the details like which route to take, what stops you’ll make so there won’t be any problem on the trip. Always remember that even though you’re a good driver, there are other good drivers out there too. Make sure to respect other drivers so that you’ll have a safe and enjoyable journey ahead.


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