Whether you’re living in an apartment or own house you’ll definitely meet different types of neighbors. Having a good and harmonious relationship with them is a must especially if you plan to stay in that specific neighborhood for good. There are simple ways on how you can be a good neighbor.

Avoid loud music

One way of showing respect to your neighbors is by trying to avoid loud music and too much party especially during at night. This is the time when people sleep and rest. If you decide to throw a party make sure to inform your neighbors so they can plan accordingly.

Introduce yourself

A simple “hello” is a good way of meeting your neighbors. Don’t forget to introduce yourself whenever you see residents on hallways or walking down the street. Let them know that you’re just new in the area and would love to get to know them. The more you meet people in the neighborhood, the more you’ll feel connected and secure in the community.

Don’t stay indoor all the time

If you just stay inside your home the tendency is you won’t meet any of your neighbors. Hanging on your porch or walk your dog outside is a good way to meet them. But if you’re living in an apartment you can try to visit the gym area, lobby or recreation place.

Exchange contact numbers

Make sure to exchange contact numbers with your most trusted neighbors. This is important especially in case of emergency. If ever you need assistance your closest and most trusted neighbors can help you. You never know when you need help or vice versa.

Don’t leave your dog outside to bark all day

As a sign of courtesy to your neighbors, don’t leave your dog outside especially if your pet loves barking all day and night. Too much barking might disturb your neighbors. Put your dog inside during night time. Controlling your dog will certainly help you to have a good relationship with all of your neighbors.

Be a part of a neighborhood association

Join neighborhood association to meet new friends and neighbors. Get involved in your community. It will definitely make your neighborhood a good place to live in. Try to ask them about different community events and make sure to participate.

Source: https://www.moving.com/tips/the-dos-and-donts-of-winning-over-your-neighbors/

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