There are several reasons why customers become angry. If you have your own business expect that you will encounter customer complaints and unsatisfied customers one time or another. Depending on your answer will make a customer feel satisfied or will never shop in your store again. Here are some tips on how to deal with angry customers:

Stay calm

If the customer keeps on shouting or being too offensive, avoid acting in the same manner. If you do, this will just worsen the situation and may lead to unwanted situation. You must behave properly even if you feel like you want to yell at the customer too.

Don’t take it personally

Bear in mind that the customer is not specifically angry at you. It’s just that the customer is not satisfied with the product or service that you offer. This thinking will lessen the stress that you are feeling while talking to your unsatisfied customer.

Listen to your customer

Most of the time unsatisfied customer tends to vent. So the best thing to do is listen to what the customer is saying and listen patiently. If the customer feels that you look sincere there’s a chance that the problem will be resolve quicker. Most angry customers just want to be heard so let them be. Also, remember that the way you act and the expression of your face is very important here. This will show if you’re paying attention or not.

Show empathy

Once the customer is done venting out, he wants to know if you understand the situation and how he feels. Apologize for their unpleaseant experience with the product or services that you offer. Make sure you sound sincere while apologizing even if the complaint is valid or not. Sometimes, a simple and straightforward statement is all you need for the customer to calm down.

Look for a solution

After the customer vent out now is the perfect time to offer good solution to your unhappy customer. Make sure to give solutions that will make the customer feel contented and will still patronize your product or service. You can ask the customer of what should be done to better assist him.

Take a few minutes on your own

After the issue has been resolved and the customer left it’s much better to take your own “time-out.” Dealing with angry custome is very stressful. Sometimes it can even ruin your day. So in order to avoid this kind of situation, try to relax and take a deep breath. You can even try to take a short walk, treat yourself to a snack or find someone to talk to who can make you laugh. Then after that, be ready again to face other customers.


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