We all know that most of the time, new drivers have fears on driving especially on busy highways. Great speed and long-distance driving is really scary and nerve-racking. You’re still trying to adjust and be comfortable behind the wheel.

There are some helpful tips on how to drive comfortably on the street including on highways.

Bring along a passenger

It’s definitely a great idea to take an experienced driver on your first few trips on the highway to make you feel confident and comfortable. That person can give you good suggestions and advise as you drive and make sure everything is fine. If you need to stop because you’re scared at least there’s someone who can drive and take over. As much as possible avoid taking a lot of passengers with you because they can be a distraction and might cause unnecessary accident on the road.

Always keep to the right

Remember, once you’re already driving on the highway, it’s advisable to stay in the right-most lane unless you are overtaking slower traffic. Don’t forget to look out for cars trying to merge onto the highway while you’re in the right lane and give them the space to do so. And if you want to overtake, it’s a must to use the mirror, signal maneuver procedure when you’re changing lanes. Don’t stay too long in the middle lane especially if there are cars passing on both sides. You have to watch out too for larger vehicles when changing lanes. They have larger blind spots compared to a regular-sized cars. Give them plenty of room to avoid problems.

Driving on the highway is really intimidating especially for new drivers who are still learning and trying to be comfortable behind the wheel. Don’t forget to practice and focus. Sooner or later, you’ll going to realize that driving on highways is really not hard at all.

Source: https://ambitiousdrivers.ca/how-to-get-comfortable-driving-on-the-highway/

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