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The request to ban the operation of online sites that offer skill games such as rummy, was received and processed by the Delhi High Court. The complaint was filed by Avinash Mehrotra and Deepti Bhagat, who claimed that these sites were attractive for Indian citizens to bet and earn money through accounts opened abroad.

Currently, illegal online gambling in India, however, Indian players are accepted by international casinos for online roulette and slot games. Although the Reserve Bank of India has tried to prevent payments to such offshore companies from being processed.

The Superior Court concluded that the government has no jurisdiction to prohibit the operation of foreign online operators or companies that are operating in other Indian states. In the judicial ruling report, it is requested to define more precisely what is meant by games of skill and their difference with gambling, since there is confusion.

Operation of offshore casinos

Many countries consider the so-called offshore casinos a problem because of capital outflows and not paying taxes. For this reason, we try to restrict its operation in all possible ways. But as much as they try, governments cannot impose their laws on international websites. At most, they can barely prohibit the premises within the country from allowing online casinos and other games of chance.

Some local governments do what they do is grant operating licenses to offshore casinos to accept players, since this practice does not violate any laws of the country where they are operating. All countries, including the United States, find it extremely difficult to block the operation of these casinos, as players simply use VPN software to circumvent restrictions.

At most, countries like India can only block bank transactions for the payment of bills. However, this is not easy either due to the existence of multiple and different payment processors.

The online game in India in the coming years

After the court decision in Delhi, it is very likely that the other states of India will continue to regulate online gambling separately, both called skill games and gambling. Likewise, the accommodation of online casinos within the country will remain prohibited in all states.

Bets and other online games will continue to be made through online casinos abroad that point to Indian players. The only possibility to prevent it would be that there would be an international intervention and countries would block private companies that offer their services to clients in India, but this seems unlikely.

In sum, online games offered from abroad will continue to operate for many more years in India. Meanwhile, Indian locals will also continue to offer skill games on dedicated sites, some of them affiliated with authorized online casinos.

It is likely that movements of social groups or specific people will continue to try to make gaming sites totally banned to prevent their capital from fleeing to other countries. But there is not much that can be done at the moment.


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