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iPhone XR is a Bestseller in the UK, iOS Holds its Own in China


The United Kingdom and continental Europe are on their separate ways as far as smartphone sales go. While the iPhone XR is the most popular new new device in the UK, the last year’s flagship model of Apple took the lead China for Q1, 2019.

Android vs iOS, round quarter one, 2019

The global consumer Kanter panel came out with the latest sales statistics on smarthphone operation systems for the first quarter of 2019. Apple sold more iPhone XR sthan both models of iPhone XS in Europe. The XR is the current #1 selling smartphone in the United Kingdom. The very same model accounts for one in every 10 smartphone sales in the US.

In Europe, iPhone XR seems to be more appealing among Apple users who didn’t own the previous flagship model. Only 1% of the XR buyers did own an iPhone X before whereas 16% of XS and XS Max-buyers replaced their device from 2018.

On the other side of the world China follows suit with one step behind. The Q1 data shows that Apple managed to outsell Huawei and Xiaomi on new smartphones. The most popular new smartphones are not XS or XR models but the one-generation older iPhone X. The price gap between iPhones and the concurrence shrank a bit with Apple lowering its prices with 2% while others raised theirs with 5%. Overall, the market share of iOS in China fell by 0,4% for Q1, 2019.

The situation is kinda different in continental Europe where Samsung retained its leasing position, especially with the introduction of the S10s in the previous month. On the five major European markets (Italy, France, Spain, Germany + the UK) Android still accounts for 79,3% of new smartphone sales.

From all sold S10s 49,4% are entry models, the S10+ accounts for 42,8% and the smaller S10e for 8%. The ratio of S10e-s will probably increase as further consumer groups are expected join the early adopters who typically go for the more expensive top models.

Apple’s market share declined in Europe from 22 to 20% in Q1, 2019. iOS performs better in the US where Apple is the dominating brand with a boosted share of 45,5%, a 6,5 percent increase. LG hit a three-year low with a 9,6% share whereas Motorola came up to 6,6% in Q1, 2016. The success of Motorola is tied to the de-facto ban of the Chinese competition in the low/mid price range.

Source: https://9to5mac.com/2019/04/16/best-selling-smartphone-in-the-uk/

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