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Slot machine games are not only popular but also in demand. And why not? Instant millionaires can and have been created through a range of bonuses accompanying these games. The very reason why bonuses are no longer a side dish but a requirement meant to produce a thrilling experience for the player as well as a chance to win big.

Yet whilst most slots boast incredible bonuses, some stand out!

Leveraging our experience, we have collated a list of January`s ideal slot machine games with a bonus feature. So what`s left for you is to try them for free or play for real money at safe and licensed online casinos.

Note: the effects vary, the theme varies, and so does the graphics and sound; all to ensure that you find your preferred game features.

Grand Casanova Slot

No one has been able to resist the Grand Casanova and its charming reels. All players give in to the temptation – a bonus spin feature in conjunction with Expanding Wilds whose popular romance move is a wins-full screen.

Here, there`re 5 reels and 3 rows available to spin with up to 20 pay lines in which case, top prizes can provide players with up to 100,000 euros. To elaborate further, the game can use 10 to 100 coins where you can choose 10 or 20 active pay lines with 1 to 5 coins betted on each. Therefore, you can wager up to £100 per spin. The slot has the Wild Casanova symbol that serves as a winning combination trigger and can pay up to 1,000x that translates to £5,000 per line or £100, 000 for all the lines and the entire screen. Note, the scatter symbols can pay better individually as 5 of these symbols on the reels pay up to £10, 000.

Most of its features are common. For instance, the Casanova Wild present on the reels that play a substitution role in which case new combinations result as you play whenever they land in the correct positions.

The bonus carnival mask on its end is the scatter. It can pay even better in a case where 5 such masks get on the reels, provisioning 100x the wager. The mask cannot provide multiple wins like it`s the case with Casanova Wild. Any appearance of 3 masks grants the player 10 bonus spins, 4 masks 15 spins, and 5 masks 25 bonus spins. This provides the best mode for Wilds to expand increasing the chances of a great payoff. Add that to an RTP of 96%.

Additional symbols include flowers, doves, hand fans, birds, gondola rides, or wine glasses.

Legendary Excalibur Slot

Legendary Excalibur slot is based on Uther Pendragon (King Arthur`s father) magic sword.

It`s a 5 x 3 machine slot with 10 pay lines.

The winning combination results from 3 identical symbols from right-left or left-right on a pay line. The slot game can be played on any device regardless of the operating system. Its spin ranges from £0.10 to £200 with an RTP of 95.65%.

Legendary Excalibur contains just one (nameless) feature. Here, the Excalibur serves as a wild symbol that can be 1 x 3 large and it activates a respin when it fully lands. It`s during this respin that other wild symbols can be added. Note, the same respin effect can be achieved whenever 3 small (1 x 1) symbols fully land – giving the player a chance to win up to 500x the wager.

This slot has 9 symbols 4 being high symbols as represented by rose, Holy Grail, King Arthur, and helmet. The rest are represented by low card symbols 10, J, A, K, and Q.

Though not the best, Legendary Excalibur is an easy and simple slot game making it the best fit for casual players.

Lucky Oktoberfest Slot

Lucky Oktoberfest slot provides a wonderful time for players to don a Lederhosen for a reel session. With every memory of the world`s largest funfair and beer festival held yearly in Germany, 2 weeks before the first Sunday in October, this game is sure to set you wild.
In the game, Helga and Hans showcase their drinking skills whilst increasing the win multiplier and adding extra free spin rounds. Beer drinking starts in the base game where Bier reels fill up to show a common wild symbol for bigger wins, in addition to 3 jackpots.
Technically, the game is a video slot containing 3 rows, 5 reels, and 10 pay lines. Here, wins are counted as any appearance of 2 to 5 matching symbols on a pay line in the left to right direction only. The game is playable on any device with a spin limit of 0.1 to 40 credits. Thus, it`s not the best fit for high rollers.

Oktoberfest slot has high to medium volatility and an RTP of 95.76% contributing to progressive jackpots. However, this return rate is bound to vary at different dealers.

The background is a typical festival hall dominated by items such as Bavarian hats, beer kegs, and pretzels. The reels background follows the Bavarian flag pattern and people party noises in conjunction with traditional folk music forms the main audio on the machine slot.
Card suits (spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds) appear as filled with beer and form the low-end of the paytable. They award 1 to 2x the wager for a single 5-symbol appearance. Pretzels follow suits progressing to Bavarian hats, beer kegs, and Bavarian coat of arms. Simply put, you can win 4x to 30x your bet with a single 5-identical-symbol appearance.

The lack of wild symbols is compensated by scatters appearing on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reel as an icon marked ‘Free spins’. There is a bonus symbol marked ‘Bier’ appearing on the 1st and 5th reel only. Therefore, Hans and Helga can land the 1st and 5th reel respectively during the scatter feature only.

To fit into the theme and design, all slot features revolve around beer. For instance, having the beer-mug bonus symbol on the 1st and 5th reels in a single spin activates the ‘Bier’ feature. Here, the reels start accumulating beer and in the end, all the symbols covered by the drink transform into pay symbol for the particular spin – increasing the chances of hitting a multi-line win.

The accumulated beer can either be poured or gulped down by Hans and Helga in the bonus round.

Its downside, however, is a below-average RTP of 95.76%. And with all things considered, Oktoberfest has a medium to high volatility level.

Pillars of Asgard Slot

Pillars of Asgard by NextGen gaming is one of the most volatile game ever. It has 6 reels, 4 rows, 4096 winning opportunities, wild multipliers, and a free spin feature. Its ways to win are boosted by each scatters from 4096 to up t0 1 million ways. All while having floating wild stacks, extra wilds, and free spins up for grabs.

NextGen just went all in. They did something that hasn`t been done before (unique features) and combined it with going unbelievably large to transcend the genre (thousand number of win ways) resulting in an epic slot.

It all starts with a trip to the mythical world (Asgard) via Bifrost (the rainbow bridge). Here, the 6 x 4 grid sits flanked amidst the 2 towering pillars of Asgard. The layout provides 4096 initial pay lines but the number rise as the game continues.

9 to A icons form the low-pay symbols, but there are additional symbols from Norse mythology where Odin (the wild) is the most rewarding. With 6 of the symbols on a pay line, you can earn 200x your wager. The spin limit is £0.25 to £50 making it more popular among casual players.

Pillars of Asgard is fully packed with unique mechanics and features. First, there`s the Wild multiplier feature. It comes about when Odin wild symbol appears as part of the winning combination; in which case, a random multiplier is applied to the total. The more the wild symbols the better resulting in a 2x up to 10x multiplier.

Just to illustrate…

1 wild symbol can result in 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x or 10x multiplier.

2 wild symbols can result in 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x or 10x multiplier… and so on.

Two, the free spin feature that applies when 3+ scatter symbols are landed which can yield up to 20 free spins. Again, the more the scatter the better as thy go to trigger the feature adding more rows up to +4.

For instance…

3 scatters give 1 extra row and 15,625 ways to win,

4 scatters give 2 extra rows and 46,625 ways to win, and so on.

When a scatter lands on a reel during a free spin, it adds an extra symbol to the reel referred to as reel rise engine. You can stack 10 such symbols per reel with win ways increasing with each addition. Therefore, maxing the 6 reels with the maximum additional symbol result in the full-blown 1 million win ways. Additionally, a reel with all the 10 additional (reel rise engine) symbols receives the Odin blessing`s feature consisting of 5 extra spins as all the scatter symbols are turned wild for the rest of the round.

Note, you don`t have to wait for the activation of the bonus round as it can be bought at 80x the stake using a Buy Pass feature. To lower the cost, place a lower wager or spin the wheel of chance which increases the chance of triggering the bonus at a cheaper rate.

Then there`s the customary Free Games feature where the player receives 20 free spins upon getting 3+ scatters on a reel. There are extra rows added based on the number of scatters used to trigger the feature.
Interestingly, you get to enjoy all that as well as an average RTP of 96.5%.

Cygnus Slot

As you may be aware, Cygnus refers to a constellation of stars aligned accurately to Giza`s pyramids. According to the slot, the alignment is not a mere coincidence, rather, a result of cosmic connections. However true that is, ELK studios have capitalized on the theory, combined galactic and Egyptian themes with compelling features to bring you a classy machine slot.

The sound and the look of the game gives an Egyptian vibe.

Its grid (6 reels and 4 rows) is set at a pyramid`s entrance with a constellation in the sky and palm trees greening the scene. At first, the win ways are 4096 but increase with the play.

The symbols should land in a 3+ order on any row starting with the 1st reel onward.

Note, the rows and reels aren`t aligned flush and thus can drop naturally on removing winning symbols – providing some intense moments and experience. There`s also an opportunity to add extra rows up to 8 rows of symbols per reel after winners are cleared increasing the win ways to 262, 144. The winning system integrates perfectly with the symbols.

And of all the symbols, lucky 7 leads in terms of payoff. Normally, the symbol lands (only) on the right-hand side of the grid. However, the new gravity mechanic allows for them to be pulled by clearing out the winning symbols landed on the left-hand side of the grid; allowing them to roll in. the symbol returns 30x the wager for 6 appearances.

Other symbols include a cat, camel, and an ibis which forms part of the high-pay symbols and are complemented by 4 low-paying symbols.
The spin limit ranges from 10 p/c to £/100 on any device but the player has alternatives betting strategies in addition to a maximum of 100 auto-spins. Cygnus has an RTP of 96%, a hit rate of 23%, and volatility rated at ; which feels higher sometimes.

There are additional features that serve to add the thrill. Up first, the ‘X’ symbol which engages multiplier to the right on landing to the bottom-most row. Consecutive ‘X’ symbols magnify the multiplier from x2 through x4, x16, x32, and maximally x64.

Next is the golden W symbol that`s wild and can land anywhere as a substitute for regular pay symbols, This exempt the multiplier scatter symbol and the bonus symbol of course.

Whenever a win is achieved, a new game mechanic comes to play in which symbols make use of gravity to slide right and left – bringing all symbols into action – consequently boosting winning chances.

Like most ELK studio slots, Cygnus receives the blessings of the Avalanche feature. With it, the symbols responsible for a winning combination disappears creating space for new symbols that are likely to result in more wins. This cycle can continue indefinitely with the only requirement being continued appearance of winning combinations.

Fallen Alien Slot

Fallen alien is the second machine slot by Blueprint gaming which though similar to Dragonfall formula wise, theme-wise they`re wide apart. The game is set up in space and dominated with cute wee aliens or monsters.

The players swing the door open to get on board and are greeted by an 8 x 8 grid that can comfortably accommodate 64 symbols. In the background, there`re swirling galaxies whose energy strikes the alien planet below. A futuristic Samuel Hoffman kind of sounding tune is selected and need we say it fits the visuals perfectly.

The aforementioned grid is covered in adorable aliens that are set tumbling by wagers from 10 p/c to £/€500. The spin limits auger well with both casual and high rollers.

A win is characterized by matching symbols touching vertically or horizontally in clusters of say 5+. The resulting winning combinations are removed to create rooms for more symbols that could result in subsequent wins. The cycle is repeated until there are no more wins.
6 regular pay symbols take the form of adorable aliens. That is orangey-red, yellow, pink, green, purple, and brown in descending order; with the topmost being worth 100x the wager in clusters of 25 or more.

Statistically, fallen alien slot has an average RTP of 96% with a volatility level ranging from medium to high.

Here, the wild symbol forms the key to most alien Antix’s ‘best’ moments. The symbol resembles a swirling atom and can land anywhere on the 8×8 grid to serve as a substitute for any symbol. Whenever it facilitates a win, the wild symbol will remain in the game moving to an empty space before the following cascade. The symbol comes equipped with a win multiplier starting at x1 and which increases with each win processing.

The unique colossal symbols feature appears randomly in the game. It helps convert positions occupied by symbols on the grid into alien constituted on it, with an exception of the wild symbol. 3+ colossal symbols on the grid trigger the colossal capers free-spins feature resulting in 8 win fall free-spins.

Polar Paws Slot

Polar paws is a slot from Quickspin consisting of 5 reels and 25 pay lines. It`s spin limit range from 25p to £100; with an RTP of 96.11%.
It consists of multiplier wilds and a free-spin feature that sees polar bears turn wild.

The slot is designed to take you to a cute winter wonderland on Christmas Eve where you can feast your eyes on snow-covered mountains featured in the background. Its artwork doesn`t disappoint with low-paying symbols depicted as A, K, Q, J, and 10 royals; and the high-paying symbols as 4 polar bears with the bear donning a Santa hat being the most rewarding. Giving you 0.8x your wager for 3 appearances on a pay line, 4x for 4 appearances, and 10x for 5 appearances.

A bauble serves as the wild symbol and can substitute all regular paying symbols except multiplier wild, Christmas Elf, the scatter, and progress scatter. Note, a combination of regular wilds increases your earnings by up to 40x your stake.

The multiplier wild symbol adds a multiplier to the total win; with 3 multiplier wilds resulting in 4x multiplier being applied.
Next, the free spin feature that`s played whenever 3 free-spin scatter symbols (represented by the generous elf) lands on the 3 middle reels. The results are a 10 free-spin award and a cash price 3x the wager.

Collecting elf scatters turn polar bears wild and the wilds stick throughout the free spin duration. Basically, a bear requires 5 elves to turn wild and thus the more the elf scatters collected the more bears are turned wild.

The slot features several other wild symbols starting with a Wreath with a wild logo which helps create new wins with a payoff of up to 40x. Next is the bowl of sheets that applies up to 4x multipliers.

Sword of Khans Slot

The slot by Thunderkick is based on a tale – when Khans, the Mongol horde ruled a notable part of the planet. From China through Mongolia, Russia, and into Europe.

Its surroundings are as familiar as they can be. There`re sun blazed mountains in the background on which lies a 5 x 3 grid with 10 pay lines.

You begin the high volatile game (game by selecting a spin limit between 10 p/c and £/€100. To win, the player must land 3+ low paying symbols or 2+ high paying symbols on the pay lines. The low-paying symbols are devoid of many themes, being the standard 10 – A royals. On their end, however, high-paying symbols are theme oriented and include helmet, spears & shields, Genghis character, and body armor. The character (representing the Mongol leader) is the most rewarding. 5 Genghis characters on a pay line are worth 250x the wager.
Landing 3, 4, and 5 sword symbols translate to 2x, 20x, and 200x wins; in addition to triggering the bonus game. Note, whenever 2+ scatters land, a random number of spins is added to the total. Triggering or retriggering the feature results in a special expanding symbol at random.

In conclusion…

Developers are working around the clock to provide players with amazing gaming experience. And that cannot be more evident like in the machine slot games category. Understanding that players are in it to get money, slots include bonus features that keep getting better from incredible symbols through multipliers and creative win ways. Nonetheless, there is no harm settling for the very best game with the best bonus feature. And the list above provides you with just that.

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