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There are a few very reputable licensing bodies and jurisdictions out there which offer casinos licenses, and the Malta Gaming Authority is one of them. Why is the MGA one of the most trusted and respected licensing jurisdictions in the world, though? What can the Malta Gaming Authority offer that many others cannot, and why should you consider joining an online casino which is MGA licensed today over one which is not? These are questions we hope to be able to answer as we explore MGA licensed online casinos.

About MGA Licensed Online Casinos


Malta does not have a wealth of resources to fall back on, being a small island nation in the middle of the Mediterranean. Like Curacao, it is no surprise that Malta turned its attention to issuing licenses to online gambling sites. Gambling accounts for over 15% of Malta’s economy each year, with licenses alone worth around €65 million at the last count.

However, unlike Curacao licensed online casinos, the MGA does not just provide operators with a gambling license and let them get on with it. On the contrary, this is an online casino which also wants to ensure that operators stick to their rules and offer fair play to members. Having an MGA license brings with it regulation. While that might sound like it would be a pain for a casino such as Paradise Casino, it does the opposite. Because of the regulation that MGA licenses come with, any casino which is issued with a license becomes a lot more trustworthy in the eyes of players. Operators are effectively getting free advertising as a trusted casino, and you are getting to play at a casino which offers its services legally and within the law of the country you live in.

MGA Licensed Casinos and Regulation


The Malta Gaming Authority is certainly a licensing body which takes its role seriously, and regularly investigates and regulates online casinos which are operating under its licenses. The gambling body is not afraid to give the chop to any operator which does not play by its rules. This is great for players, as it ensures that they are playing at trusted, secure, and safe online casinos which do not fall foul of regulations and fair play. For instance, 2018 was a bumper year for the Malta Gaming Authority, when they cancelled no fewer than eight gambling licenses (double the four they rescinded in 2017). Ever stricter rules and regulations have made sure that if an operator wants to keep offering its services to players under an MGA license, they are going to have to keep offering fair and responsible gaming.

Typical MGA Licensed Casino Features


Any top online casino like Live.Casino which features an MGA license will typically offer an array of features. We will not say that all MGA licensed online casinos are the same because they are not. However, there are certainly similarities between them, on account of them having such a license.

For instance, MGA casinos tend to feature the best games from leading developers on the net. That means Microgaming and NetEnt for slots and table games, and Evolution Gaming for live casino titles. It also means that they have bonuses and promotions which are required to have terms and conditions that are clearly visible and above all else, fair. So, too, must an MGA licensed casino offer a variety of payment methods, not take you for a ride with fees, and have flexible and fair withdrawal caps.

One of the most important aspects of MGA licensed casinos, though, is that they must adhere to responsible gambling rules, and this is so important that it is worth looking at separately.

MGA Licensed Online Casinos and Responsible Gambling

Casino Background

Responsible gambling does not necessarily mean what it used to. In the past, casinos could slap down a list of “methods” to promote responsible gambling and leave it at that. However, gambling licensing bodies such as the MGA changed all that. Nowadays, they require any online casinos which feature their licenses to go as far as providing responsible gambling tools to their players.

This means that an MGA licensed casino must offer you the chance to set limits on how much you deposit into your account, and how much you can wager. They must also allow you to keep tabs on how long you have played for, and provide you with detailed bet histories, showcasing how much you have bet and when. Moreover, they must give you the option to take a breather, via a cool-down or self-exclusion period. Lastly, MGA licensed online casinos must be affiliated with at least one problem gambling program. This will allow you to shut yourself off from the casino completely should things get serious.

Any online casino which does not offer responsible gambling tools such as those listed above will be unlikely to keep their license. The Malta Gaming Authority regularly analyses casinos and regulates them to ensure that they keep their end of the bargain. Casinos which drop the ball in this manner will first be fined, and at worst, could lose their license altogether. By being strict with these demands, the MGA ensures that its players are signed up to the most trusted casinos on the net.

Play at Top MGA Licensed Casinos Today

Best Websites

One of the easiest ways to spot MGA licensed casinos is to look for their license in the bottom of an internet casino’s lobby. However, even if you find the MGA certificate, you still won’t know if it is genuine (it almost always is, though) and the exact nature of the license that the MGA has awarded it, for there are four of them after all.

The best way to ensure that you are playing at a bona fide, safe, fair, transparent, and secure MGA licensed online casino today is to head over to our casino reviews and to find a recommended site to join.