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As the year ends, companies are busy reviewing their annual reports to find out how fruitful 2019 has been so far.

On its part, Microsoft is reviewing its Diversity and Inclusion report. This report aims to determine whether employees feel welcomed in terms of their identity by both management and fcolleagues

In 2019, the report shows progress and it is the workers who feel strongly about this. The report lets the public have a look at the Microsoft Inclusion Index.

The index represents the percentage of the members of staff who either feel the tech giant’s campaign is working or not. 88% of the employees felt included while 12% were still unsatisfied.

The results mark a definite improvement from the outcome last year. In as much as 12% are still not feeling welcome, we can project that this figure will decrease even further given the progress the campaign has achieved so far.

However, since Microsoft never announced a breakdown of the demographic group represented by those who felt excluded, we can hardly tell if the same group had felt the same last year. All we know is that Microsoft is set to work harder in that regard.

Now moving to the successes that marked the progress, we have various categories under this umbrella. First is the push for equal pay for women and men which has contributed to more women feeling welcome and included.

The equal pay initiative has been covered throughout Microsoft’s largest markets outside the American borders. These countries are; Germany, Canada, UK, India and China. According to the report wider gender gap payments is almost inexistent and will soon become a thing of the past.

Another group that registered a percentage increase is the black community. The black community employment at the company last year was 4.0% and has increased to 4.4% this year. This is commendable and the company should still continue to raise the number of black employees to reach their goal to achieve diversity.

Next in line is the Asian community. The number of Asian employees also increased in 2019. Last year the Asian community was at 32.2% while this year it has increased to 33.3%. The number of Hispanics and multiracial employees increased but figures were not provided for this group.

Microsoft is surely on the right track to achieving a highly diverse employee community which in itself is progress. While it may seem as a practical benefit for the company like PR to the general public, the company shared that their goals were far more than that.

The company cited a study that had researched on how exclusion had negatively affected individuals in terms of productivity and socialization. Microsoft further shared that its main goal with this campaign is to have a more diverse workforce where all employees are working to their full potential.

And how will Microsoft benefit? With employees who are satisfied with their working conditions and are exploiting their potential, the company will not only maintain its position in the business world, it will reach new heights.

So if you are looking for a job, maybe this time you should send your resume to Microsoft. Who knows, they might be hiring.


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