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MobileBet is definitely one of the newer bookmakers out there, having formed in 2009. Based in Malta, MobileBet acquired its license to operate as a betting company just four years ago, during 2015. But the company has since established itself as a credible player in the gambling industry, and is now part of the Co-Gaming Limited family of betting websites. The main offering on the MobileBet website is a casino  that delivers 450 slots and games, with some traditional favourites joined by creative and interactive upstarts such as Cyrus the Virus, Starburst and Immortal Romance.

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Deposit and Withdrawals

Let’s begin by looking at the depositing and withdrawal of money, obviously key to any gambling website. MobileBet does a pretty decent job of ensuring that there is a typical range of payment methods available, with both debit and credit cards supported. Bank transfers such as EntroPay, Neteller and Skrill are all also included, while currencies range from GBP and EUR, through to NOK (Norwegian Krone) and SEK (Swedish Krona).

In the UK, the maximum withdrawal per transaction is £4,000, If you make four or more withdrawals of this figure then you will incur a £4 cost. Overall, the deposit and withdrawal options offered by MobileBet are pretty decent.

It is easy to deposit and withdraw from MobileBet, with all of the main credit and debit cards available. You will gain access to your money instantly in some circumstances, while the maximum wait involved is only a few days. Fees do vary depending on the amount deposited, though, and this is actually quite concerning. A small deposit can cost a fee of 2.5%, in addition to any fees levied by your payment provider.

With withdrawals you have 2 free withdrawals in any 30-day cycle. Further withdrawals after this are charged at €5 each, and are applied to any withdrawal method.

Customer Service

One area where MobileBet does incur a bit of a black mart is in its unwillingness to signpost people to customer service options. That doesn’t mean the customer service doesn’t exist, it just means that this is not made particularly clear on the front page of the website. There is a link to a live chat module on the right-hand side of the page, but no FAQ document on what customer service is provided.

Having researched the matter further, it becomes clear that the whole front page of the site can be accessed by adding support to the website address. Live chat and email support is indeed included, although these are pretty minimal in nature, running for little more than 1 1/2 hours every day. It is thus almost impossible to directly speak with employees. Overall, we were not particularly impressed with the customer support and service offered by this company.

Limits and Odds

For MobileBet in the UK, Mobilebet is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission, despite the fact that it is technically registered in Malta. When betting on MobileBet, punters are offered a selection of fractional, decimal, and American odds. This covers all bases and is generally quite welcome.

There is also a limit to the amount of money that you can win on any day for bets placed on MobileBet, set at £100,000, or the equivalent in other currencies. MobileBet also offers all manner of bets, including singles, multiples, and several other combinations.

Sport Coverage

Although MobileBet is a relatively new company, the range of sporting events and markets available stands up to anyone in the industry. MobileBet offers a comprehensive range of sporting marketplaces, including all of the major sports, not  just football, tennis, rugby, and cricket. American sports are also well catered for, and it is pleasing to see Aussie Rules and eSports also part of this betting website. Odds in general are pretty generous, although we did find that better propositions were available elsewhere.

In-play experience

The in-play market is becoming ever more important for gambling websites, and MobileBet certainly addresses this aspect of the industry. The more popular sections of the sports betting markets are handled just as well as most companies in the industry, although some of the more obscure markets were conspicuous by their absence.

However, there were a vast range of football markets available in particular, with fixtures from all over the globe represented. For some of the particularly weird markets, such as Philippines football, there will only be very basic betting options, which are usually Score, Odd/Even and Over/Under, rather than goalscorers, minutes of goals, number of corners or cards.

One downside with the in-play market on MobileBet is that there is no live streaming available currently. It is perhaps a little unreasonable to expect this, though, as it is still a relatively young company, and this could be addressed in the foreseeable future.


The MobileBet site has a pleasing design, with the landing page interface very straightforward and user-friendly. This is undoubtedly welcome as it ensures that locating the sports that you wish to bet on is made easy. There’s nothing worse than having to navigate through confusing menu options, so this is definitely a massive plus point for the site. It should also be mentioned, though, that load times can be a little lengthy on occasion, which can obviously cause frustration.

We did also likes the black, dark grey and lime green colour scheme used by MobileBet, and this helps to enhance the usability of the website. The single main menu contained on the homepage offers just five options when you initially log on, meaning that there is nothing particularly confusing to deal with, thankfully.

The colour scheme of the site is excellent, using a black, dark grey and lime green scheme to enhance the usability of the whole site. Welcome bonuses are also made absolutely clear, with the main welcome bonus being a 200% matched deposit bonus. We will discuss the bonuses available in more depth later in this article.

From the moment that you log on to the main website, it is clear that MobileBet has utilised a three-column approach. The left column contains upcoming events, rather than the list of sports which is common with the majority of other betting websites. There is nothing wrong with this at all, but it does come across a slightly unusual compared to the typical approach.

However, we really liked the middle section included on MobileBet, which contains a scrolling horizontal sports menu, featuring the name of the sport as well as a large coloured icon which indicates the sports available to bet on. Scrolling up and down via this is made easy by a left and right arrow icon, and we found this to be both user-friendly and reliable.

Finally, the right-hand side of the page contains the betting slip, and overall we found this to be a pleasing design that it is exactly what is intended.

However, there was a bit of a lack of additional content on the MobileBet website, such as blogs, tips, and data analysis. While this is a bit of a disappointment, such content is not necessarily always helpful, meaning that MobileBet essentially encourages bettors to make their own decisions. At least if you log on to the MobileBet site and a place bet, you don’t have anyone else to blame if it is unsuccessful!

Competitive Odds

Margins in the sportsbook at MobileBet are pretty good, with the figure for this aspect of the site coming out to 5.1%. However, for some sports there is definitely room for improvement. For example, the same margin figure for tennis betting on MobileBet runs at an average of 7.2%, which would not to be competitive compared to other sportsbooks and online bookmakers.

However, if you’re wanting to bet on football that MobileBet is definitely a good option. There’s been a clear focus on delivering an outstanding football market, meaning that the average margin for the sport is just 4.2%; near the top of the league of all bookmakers available. Margins in American sports such as baseball, basketball and American football are also competitive.

Market Coverage

As mentioned previously, MobileBet views football as its key sport, and this is where the largest market coverage is understandably centred. There are somewhere in the region of 157 markets on each major football match, and these are made easily accessible as well. The same horizontal scrolling technology is used throughout the website, meaning that all markets are available at the fingertips of a bettor simply by using a right-to-left scrolling mechanism.

This works pretty well, and the extent of market coverage for football at least is highly impressive. Other sports don’t receive quite the same level of coverage, but all of the sports that could be considered mainstream in Britain are covered to some degree.

In-Play Interface

We were also highly impressed with the in-play interface included on MobileBet, which is undoubtedly one of the slickest in the industry. In fact, the user interfaces and front-end of MobileBet are among the most polished in the betting niche. With this in mind, the in-play interface follows the main concept of the central website, utilising the same colour scheme and layout, and generally being instantly recognisable.

However, a lot of thought has gone into ensuring that any market can be identified in an matter of just three clicks. Clicking on any betting option from the main menu opens up a list of the events happening at that moment, and from here it is easy to click the total events number that you will see on the right of the event. Finally, you can use the horizontal scroll mechanism in order to locate the market segment that you wish to bet on. This overall process takes little more than a few seconds, and makes it easy for in-play punters to get a feel for what has already occurred.

One small niggle is that the font size included on the website could be slightly larger. We didn’t have massive problems with this, but those with diminishing eyesight may consider it an irritation. It should also be mentioned that modern web browsers make it easy to optimise or customise this, so it shouldn’t be considered a massive problem by any means.


There is no doubt that bonuses are key in the gambling industry, and MobileBet certainly attempts to get on board with this concept. Perhaps a unifying Characteristic of the whole website is its simplicity and refusal to push anything flashy, and this is definitely shared by the bonus scheme system. MobileBet insures that this is as straightforward as possible, with the amount and qualifying aspects of the welcome bonus made quite evident, and other bonuses similarly transparent.

At the time of writing, the main bonus on MobileBet involves receiving a £20 bonus for an initial deposit of £10. Daily calendar offers are also available, with different bonuses occurring every day of the month, which applies across the board on all betting options offered. MobileBet also runs a loyalty program, which makes it possible for regular punters to collect points, which can then be exchanged for various gifts, rewards, and even free bets.

We would describe the bonus system included in MobileBet as amomg the most dynamic in the industry, yet it is also reliable and easy to understand. There is no pretence or misleading information, and that is always to be welcomed in what can be a contentious industry.

Registration is operated by Co-Gaming Limited, which is registered under the laws of the European Union member state of Malta. It has registration number C47444 with office address at 3rd Floor, Spinola Park, Triq Mikiel Ang Borg, St. Julians, SPK1000, Malta.

Co-Gaming Limited operations are regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) under the following licenses: MGA/CL1/619/2009 MGA/CL1/773/2011 MGA/CL1/964/2014 MGA/CL1/877/2013 MGA/CL1/1058/2014 MGA/CL1/1057/2014 MGA/CL1/1094/2015, MGA/CL1/1095/2015 and MGA/CL1/1310/2017.

Overall, the licensing and registration of MobileBet would appear to be absolutely sound, and you don’t have anything to worry about in terms of depositing your money with this website.

Extra Sports

Although the sportsbook at MobileBet is pretty expensive, an interesting feature of the website is the ability to request additional sports to bet on. You can either use the search function in order to locate a particular sport, or contact customer service directly if you feel that the type of game that you are searching for is not accommodated by the website. MobileBet will actively add certain matches and game types to the sportsbook on offer, and can even make this a permanent fixture eventually.

Contacting the customer service department with the following information:

  • Event date and time
  • Name of the event/league
  • Teams/players
  • Bet type

…will enable them to assess whether or not they can add your particular category.

Asian Handicapping

MobileBet is also fully compatible with Asian handicapping, meaning that you can give an advantage to one of the teams in a particular bet. Although this can be a tricky market to understand, Asian handicapping is extremely popular with experienced gamblers, and it is definitely a positive that it is openly offered by this provider.


MobileBet is one of the more uneven sports betting options out there, with some absolutely excellent points, and some strange downsides as well. We love the way that the site operates, but some of the withdrawal and deposit fees are rather indefensible. MobileBet does offer a wide range of sports, and attempts to round things up further still by even allowing you to nominate your own markets. Overall, the site is definitely worth a look for anyone interested in sports betting, particularly if football is your sport of choice.