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Czechia (previously known as the Czech Republic) is a country which has undergone several changes in recent years, not least in terms of its name. Czechia most recent gambling laws date back to January 2019, and now see virtually all forms of gambling legal in the country. To many, given how much Czechs love to bet, this was probably inevitable. What does it mean for the internet gambling industry in Czechia, though? What can you wager on, what do Czechs loved to play and where do they try their hand at those games? All of these are aspects which are worth looking at, and which are covered in our guide to the best online casinos in Czechia.

An Overview of Gambling in Czechia


Czechia recently formulated new gambling laws which will govern the country from here on out. The Act on Games of Chance (186/2016), coupled with the Act on Tax from Games of Chance (187/2016) and the recently added Decree of 15 January 2019 comprise the current laws. Under those acts, all forms of gambling are currently legal in Czechia.

According to the laws of the country, the Ministry of Finances has the jurisdiction to impose Czech gambling laws at a national and municipal level. It is this department which grants licenses to Czech internet casinos, land-based gambling venues, sportsbooks, and other gambling providers, whether they are online, or brick-and-mortar based.

Provided you are aged 18 or older; you are permitted to gamble online. However, there are some terms and conditions which are worth looking at, as is the case in virtually every country. Firstly, any gambling site is legal provided it is licensed by the Ministry of Finances.
Officially, any internet casino or gambling domain which is not licensed by that authority should not be played at. However, the country makes no efforts to enforce this. They do not require their internet service providers (ISPs) to blacklist or block access to foreign domains. Nor does Czechia punish its nationals or foreign-born residents from playing at these offshore casino sites. In effect, people residing in Czechia are free to play their favourite games at virtually any casino which takes their fancy, and which will accept them. Naturally, many external and remote betting sites take full advantage of this and willingly cater to players based in Czechia.

Czechia’s Most Played Casino Games

Casino Games

Residents of Czechia, as mentioned, have a wide variety of different websites that they can choose to play at. These include online casinos, sportsbooks, lottery sites, bingo rooms, poker rooms and much more besides. Even daily fantasy sports sites are accepted in Czechia, even if they do not fall under the scope of the current Czech gambling regulations.

What do Czechs like to play, and what can they expect to find online? Let us take a closer look at popular Czech gambling games…

Slots: Online slots are commonplace at casinos in Czechia. These span progressive jackpot slots, 3D slots, video slots, fruit machines and classic slots, mobile slots and much more besides. Several of the internet’s most renowned providers cater to players at Czech casinos, so the range is quite decent. If you do not find what you are looking for there, you can free to visit an offshore casino, as mentioned.
Table Games: Table games are also legal in Czech. Poker is one of the most played games in this genre. It is not uncommon to find a plethora of table game tournaments up for grabs, with players regularly participating in those at both a national and international level. You can also find specialised poker rooms which operate independently of online casinos in the country.

Live Dealer Casino Games: Again, these are commonly found at casinos in Czechia. They include baccarat, blackjack, roulette and more. While most are streamed from offshore studio floors and casinos, a handful of games are also streamed from Prague, and they tend to attract a crowd.

Lottery Games: Lottery games are legal in Czechia. However, these games are seldom offered at online casinos. Instead, most are found at the state sponsored Sazka sites. It is not impossible for Czechs to sign up to lottery betting websites, though, where they can engage in the world’s biggest international lotteries if they wish.

Bingo: Bingo is also legal in the country. There are a few sparse bingo rooms, with most bingo games consistently of instant bingo or video bingo titles, and commonly found at Czechia’s online casinos. Lovers of major bingo games often frequent offshore bingo rooms to get their fill of these games.

Sports Betting: Sports betting is commonly offered in Czechia. While there are dedicated sportsbooks which provide these types of bets, you can also find the games in a handful of top Czech licenced casinos. As with the other forms of gambling games, Czechs have the option of finding a wider variety of options if they pop over to offshore domains, which is once more, something that many Czechs do.

Taxes on Big Wins at Czech Casinos


As mentioned earlier, there is a piece of legislation which governs taxes related to gambling in the country. The Act on Tax from Games of Chance (187/2016) is worth a read if you want in-depth knowledge on what to expect here. However, we are happy to give you the short version.

As of January 2020, the Ministry of Finances has introduced higher taxes on gambling activities. The tax structure is split into three tiers. Gambling taxes are set to 23% of all revenue made from Czech players, save for slot machines, which have a tax of 35%. Lotteries, live dealer games and bingo games are taxed at 30%, and fixed-odds betting has a tax rate of 25%. By contrast, the former tax rate saw most gambling games fall somewhere around the 23% mark. However, these taxes only apply to operators of gambling games, specifically those operators who currently hold a Czech gambling license. What about taxes for Czech players themselves?

The taxes on gambling winnings in the country are tough and considerably high. Players who win via lottery and sports betting games will end up paying a 23% tax, a hike of 3% on the previous tax. Winning on the slots is even more costly for players, with a 28% tax slapped on anything you win.

The Best Czech Online Casinos to Join Today

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As we have consistently said throughout this piece, players in Czechia have the option of playing at licensed and legal Czech casinos, or they can opt to sign up and play at foreign, offshore casinos without fear of punishment. Each type of casino has its perks, so it is up to the individual casino player to determine which gambling option is best for them.

Regardless of whether you choose a national, Czech-licensed casino, or an offshore site, the criteria for judging them should be the same. Irrespective of where they are based, the best Czech online casinos will all fulfil the following criteria:

Czech Bonuses: Like many countries, Czechia has a tightly regulated online casino industry, and part of that means that there are rules surrounding the types of bonuses a player can claim. Czech casinos (whether nationally licensed or based abroad) should feature an array of fair promotions, welcome bonuses included, which come with reasonable wagering requirements.

Czech Language Gaming: Czech players will naturally be able to play games in their own tongue at Czech licensed casinos. However, if you opt to play at an offshore domain, it is worth ensuring that you have language options open to you. The best Czech online casinos will make this possible.

Czech Payment Methods: Players in Czechia may use local bank options such as Ceska Spontelna or CSOB to deposit. These are going to be typically limited to Ministry of Finance licensed casinos. However, international domains provide options such as Skrill, VISA, MasterCard, Paysafecard and bank transfers, and these should be equally as valuable to players in Czechia. Moreover, the Czech crown should be offered as the currency of choice.

Great Games: As touched upon earlier, casinos in Czechia feature decent games, and some come from renowned providers. However, you are likely to find a greater array of games in those casinos which are based offshore. Whichever option you choose to go with, the best online casinos in Czechia will feature slots, video poker, table games, instant win titles, live dealer games and more, from a wealth of different game developers.

Customer Support Options: Having customer support made available via live chat, e-mail and telephone is ideal. Moreover, a handy FAQ guide also makes a casino more reputable. While these services should always be free and be open for as long as possible each day, they should also provide services in at least English, if not Czech. Those casinos based in Czechia will, of course, provide Czech language support.

Playing at online casinos in Czechia is a doddle. You will have a decent selection of locally licensed domains to choose from. You are also at liberty to play at many internationally renowned if offshore casino domains. There are many casinos which fit the bill for you to explore at this site. However, you can also do your own homework and find a domain for yourself. If you want to do so, check out the advice found on this page, and judge a casino by it accordingly. This way, you can rest assured that you are playing at one of the best online casinos in Czechia.