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Luxembourg may be a small country, but it is also a confusing one when it comes to gambling laws. For a start, some forms of online gambling are considered legal, and some are not. The line between what is legal and what is not authorised can often appear blurry to Luxembourgers. Therefore, we must get to the bottom of this mystery and provide a spot of clarity about what players in Luxembourg can and cannot do when it comes to online gambling. Moreover, if you do decide to play at the best online casinos in Luxembourg, where should you play? It is time to find out…

An Overview of Gambling in Luxembourg


Online gambling is both legal and yet illegal in Luxembourg. The deciding factor surrounding the legality of online casino games is ultimately dependent on the type of games we are talking about. For instance, sports betting and lotteries are perfectly legal in the tiny landlocked European nation. Online casino gaming is not. Believe it not; this is still an improvement on the situation pre-1970 when all forms of gambling were illegal.

While that seems like things are pretty cut and dry, the above explanation does not cover all the aspects of Luxembourg’s gambling laws. In truth, online casino gaming is only illegal when referring to operators inside Luxembourg. A Luxembourg-based business cannot, for instance, offer casino games to players in the country. The law does not explicitly state that foreign and offshore casinos cannot provide their services to Luxembourgers. Here, then, is the loophole that many Luxembourgers use to bet online.

If you wish to bet online legally, then sportsbooks or games run by the Loterie Nationale are the only ways to go. However, as mentioned, nipping over to an offshore casino, registering and playing there is above board. Moreover, Luxembourg does not blacklist offshore casinos, nor does it punish its nationals and residents from playing at these sites. The loophole is your best shot of playing casino games in Luxembourg. With that in mind, what do Luxembourgers like to play?

Luxembourg’s Most Played Casino Games


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Luxembourgers are going to have to visit an offshore casino to play most of their favourite games, save for placing sports bets or having a punt on the national lottery. Here is a rough breakdown of what Luxembourgers like to play:

Games of Skill: Games of skill, such as poker are popular in the country. The state-sponsored Casino 2000 does have permission to offer poker games online but does not currently do so. As a result, players who fancy trying their hand at card games will typically need to visit offshore casinos to do so.

Games of Chance: Luxembourg does not differentiate between games of skill and games of chance. Therefore, if you wish to play games of chance, such as slot machines, roulette, and craps, you will still need to visit an offshore casino to get your fix.

Live Dealer Casino Games: Live dealer games are not found in Luxembourg’s sportsbooks and lottery sites. You will, once again, need to head to an international site to play these games. These are popular, with many French and German language games available for you to play, spanning baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and other games.

Lottery Games: Lottery games are legal in Luxembourg. Moreover, you can play these games online, too. All legal lottery games in Luxembourg must belong to the national lottery as part of the state monopoly.

Bingo Games: If you wish to play bingo games, you can. Bingo is treated as the same game as lotteries. Therefore, bingo is entirely legal in the country. Any sportsbook or lottery site is permitted to offer lottery games. However, no Luxembourg betting sites have chosen to explore this open. Regrettably, you will once again need to head to a foreign website to play bingo.

Sports Betting: Sports betting is legal in Luxembourg, too. Technically, sports betting falls under the same jurisdiction as the national lottery. The Luxembourger sports wagering market is extremely limited, so you will not have many options open to you. It is no surprise to see many Luxembourgers head to overseas sites to have a crack at betting on the football and other sports.

Taxes on Big Wins at Luxembourger Casinos

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The gambling taxes in Luxembourg are astronomically high if you happen to be an operator. State-owned monopolies pay up to 80% of their revenue to the government. Very few countries in the world have higher gambling tax rates for business than Luxembourg. The super high tax rate means that even if Luxembourg were to open its industry up to outside operators and provide them with Luxembourger gambling license, few operators would apply, especially since the population of the country is so small. It simply would not be worth the cost.

While that is terrible news for operators, there is great news for players in Luxembourg. The country does not charge anything at all in terms of gambling tax for players. Anything you win when betting online (legally) in Luxembourg is tax-free.

The Best Luxembourger Online Casinos to Join Today


The running theme in this article is that you will need to visit an offshore casino if you wish to play online casino games. If you want to bet on sports or the lottery, you are in luck. If not, foreign sites are your only avenue. Before you sign up to any old website, though, there are a few things you might want to consider. Any online casino you come across which can fulfil the following criteria could rightly be considered one of the best Luxembourger online casinos around:

Safety and Security: Luxembourg may not license online casinos, but other EU countries certainly do. Rather than playing at far-flung licensed casinos such as one out of Curacao or Panama, it is recommended that you play at a UK or Maltese licensed site. Gibraltar or Cypriot licensed casino also fit the bill. These offer regulation and have responsible gaming policies in place.

Luxembourger Options: Luxembourgish is the national language of the country. However, your odds of finding an online casino offering it is slim at best, and only just over half the population speak it. You are far more likely to find offshore casinos offering gameplay in French and German, though, both of which are national languages. Many top foreign casinos offer gameplay in those two languages making them ideal. On top of that, the euro currency is used in Luxembourg, so any top casino will provide you with this option. Finally, Luxembourg-friendly banking methods are advantageous. These include most major credit and debit cards, e-wallets and even cryptocurrencies.

Sports, Poker, Bingo and Casino Games: Since you are likely going to the trouble to wager at an offshore casino anyway, you might as well sign up at a site which offers you a variety of all the types of games you wish to play. These can include sports betting options, poker games, bingo, and casino games. After all, if you want to play all these titles, they should be represented. This is something you will not find at a typical online betting site licensed out of Luxembourg.

Hopefully, things will look a little clearer for you now. You should now know that Luxembourger online betting sites can only offer sports betting and lottery games. You should also know that if you wish to bet online with casino games, you need to sign up at an offshore site. It is not illegal for you to do so, so you have nothing to lose. Moreover, you can do so without declaring your winnings. On this page, you can find a variety of the best offshore online casinos catering to players based in Luxembourg.