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Poland has a fully legalised online gambling industry, although many of the country’s gambling laws are quite restrictive. For instance, they tend to favour those operators who are based in the Central European country. There are, nonetheless, a handful of top online casinos for players to play at in Poland. We will look at what it takes for a site to become one of the best online casinos in Poland, and we will also have a peek at Poland’s gambling laws at the same time. With that in mind, let us begin…

An Overview of Gambling in Poland


Poland legalised online casinos way back in 1930. However, these brick-and-mortar casinos jumped from being legal to illegal and legal once again in the decades following the Second World War. It was not until 1992 that the first Polish gambling laws came into being.
Those laws changed once again in 2009 when the Ustawa o Grach Hazardowych (Polish Gambling Law) was enacted. This saw the Ministry of Finance and the National Revenue Administration take control of regulating the online casino gambling sector.

The current laws state that Polish players are only permitted to play at online casinos which hold a Polish Gambling License from the Ministerstwo Finansow. To date, only a single casino has successfully managed to acquire one of those licenses, and that is the state-sponsored monopoly. Naturally, this means that Polish players do not have too many options open to them.

When faced with what is essentially a monopoly, it is not a surprise to see many Poles turn to offshore betting sites. Poles are not supposed to play at these sites, although there is no gambling law which specifically states that they cannot. Poland has taken one or two steps towards creating a blacklist. They do and try and implement blocks via the ISPs (internet service providers) in the country, but crafty Poles can navigate around these using VPNs (virtual private networks). There is, to date, no punishment in place for Polish nationals and residents who decide to play at international casinos licensed outside of the country.

Poland’s Most Played Casino Games

Casino Games

Poland does authorise online casino games, but only really those which appear at licensed Polish casinos. As there is just one of these in operation, Polish players are somewhat limited in terms of what they can play. Here are what Polish casinos can offer to players.

Slots: Online slots are available to play in Poland. There are not too many software providers catering to players at the state monopoly casino (Totalizator Sportowy), but you can still expect to find a few progressive games, video slots and classic slot machine games.

Table Games: Table games are also playable at Polish online casinos. The most popular table games tend to include poker and blackjack. Poker games are immensely popular in the Central European country, and these games are commonplace at Totalizator Sportowy. More competitive games can be found at offshore casinos, though.

Live Dealer Casino Games: Poker games are not just available in RNG (random number generator) format, but also live dealer format. These games tend to be limited to baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, although some table poker games can also be played as live dealer games at the state-sponsored Polish online casino.

Lottery Games: Two different types of lottery games can be played in Poland. These are the Totolotek and Totalizator Sportowy lottos. The latter can be found in Polish online casinos. The former is more exclusive and often played in land-based venues. Because of the small nature of these lotto’s jackpots, many players tend to head to offshore lottery sites to play the lotto games with the best-paying jackpots in the world.

Bingo Games: Bingo games are legal in Poland, but that is primarily because there are no specific laws governing them. They are thought of as the same as lottery games, and yet neither of the two lotto games offer bingo games. Instead, players need to head to international sites if they wish to play bingo games.

Sports Betting: One thing which is legal and hugely popular in Poland is sports betting. These do not fall under the formal jurisdiction of the state monopoly, so you can find quite a few different sportsbooks to play at. However, these sites are not able to churn out casino games. Naturally, sports betting fans in Poland, therefore, tend to pop over to offshore betting sites to play casino games with the same account.

Taxes on Big Wins at Polish Casinos


There are taxes on winnings in Poland. Players who win at Polish licensed sportsbooks are subject to a 10% tax on whatever they win. That tax is withheld by the bookmaker. When it comes to lottery and online casino winnings, players are also subject to a 10% tax. However, that tax only comes into play when bettors win more than 2,280 PLN. If any tax is owed from casino games and lotteries, that tax is also withheld at the same you choose to play at before your winnings are paid out. While this is not the news you wanted to hear, at least you do not have to physically declare the tax yourself.

There is also a tax on operators. This tends to be quite hefty. Fortunately, the operator tax and fees owed by Polish online casinos are not going to be your concern.

The Best Polish Online Casinos to Join Today


Players who want to play with an online casino which is fully licensed and legalised in Poland are going to have to choose to join a domain owned by Totalizator Sportowy. However, those casinos are few and far between. Instead, the best Polish online casinos are those which are based offshore, and here are a few of the things you should keep an eye out for.

Polish Banking and Currency: Many international online casinos can provide the PLN (Polish zloty) currency, and this makes things easier for Poles to deposit without having to suffer from exchange rates. A good number of offshore sites also accept Polish-friendly payment methods. These include Przelewy24, Polish banks, e-wallets, and prepaid vouchers.

Polish Language: Poles tend to speak English relatively well. If that is the case for you, you will find no shortage of top international online casinos which offer English language gameplay to you. However, a decent number of foreign sites also provide gameplay in Polish, which is something you will want to consider.

Licensed and Secure Casinos: Just because an online casino is not licensed by the Polish Ministry of Finances does not make it less secure. On the contrary, Polish casinos can also be licensed offshore, such as out of the United Kingdom, out of Malta, Gibraltar, and Curacao. The best Polish online casinos will not just be licensed out of one of these jurisdictions but will also feature responsible gaming policies, and their games will be RNG (random number generator) certified.

Games for Everyone: As we mentioned earlier, Polish online casinos tend to feature very few games. To get a broad array of games from many different developers, you need to head to offshore and international casinos. If you happen to be playing with the best sites, you can often find sports betting options, poker games, bingo, and lottery games alongside online casino games at these sites.

Provided you are aged 18; you can legally play games in Poland. Again, Poland would prefer you to use one of their state-endorsed casinos. However, if you know where to look, there are plenty of top offshore casinos you can choose to play at, and these are not illegal. On our page, you will find a variety of the best online casinos for Polish players, each of which is guaranteed to fit the criteria listed above. If you are stuck for somewhere to start, we would recommend beginning there.