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Slovakia is home to almost five and a half million people, so there is a decent population who likes to gamble. However, despite having one of the smaller gambling populations in Europe, the landlocked Central European country has still legalised online gambling, alongside land-based gambling. According to the Slovak gambling laws, all forms of internet gambling are deemed legal, although there are restrictions on the types of sites Slovaks can choose to play at. On this page, we will take a look at those laws, as well as try and break down the criteria which makes the best online casinos in Slovakia stand out from the crowd.

An Overview of Gambling in Slovakia


Slovakia’s gambling law comes from the Act on Gambling and on Amendments to Certain Laws, in particular, Act No 30/19. This states that provided that a gambling activity has received the permission and a license from the Office of Regulation of Gambling, then it is deemed legal in the country.

In the summer of 2019, the Slovak gambling laws were expanded to ensure that foreign operators would be able to apply for a Slovak internet gaming license. Regrettably, though, at the time of writing, most of the internet betting sites that you can choose to play at in Slovakia tend to be run by a state-sponsored monopoly, known as TIPOS.

In theory, Slovak nationals are forbidden from joining offshore casinos which are not licensed by the state. However, there are no real blocks in place to prevent them from doing so, and there are certainly no laws which punish players in Slovakia from joining international casino sites which do not hold a license. Slovaks can, therefore, theoretically play at any internet casino which will have them.

Slovakia’s Most Played Casino Games

Casino games

The gambling laws in Slovakia make it quite clear that there is very little which is off-limits in terms of gambling games. So, what do Slovak nationals and residents in the Central European country like to play? For the most part, they choose to play games such as slots and table games, alongside sports betting. Let us look at the legality of each of these games in brief detail.

Online Casino Games: Virtually any type of online casino game – be it a game of chance or skill – is deemed legal in Slovakia. This means that players can expect to be able to play online slots, jackpot games, instant win titles such as scratchcards, RNG (random number generator) table games and much more besides.

Poker Games: Video poker and table poker games are also legal in Slovakia. Not only that, but they are also immensely popular amongst players. Officially, there are no Slovak laws which govern poker. However, the game is considered to fall under the general gambling laws, as poker is an online casino game. There are few online poker sites in the country, so if you wish to play poker, you are best off heading to an online casino.

Live Dealer Casino Games: Live casino games are treated the same way as poker, in that they are considered to be standard online casino games. This means that you can readily find a decent selection of live casino games. However, few of these are available to play in Slovak, so playing them in English is something many Slovak citizens choose to do.

Lottery and Bingo Games: Lottery games are still considered a part of the TIPOS monopoly, even after the law change in June 2019. Because of this, TIPOS is the sole provider of lottery games in Slovakia. That has not stopped Slovaks from playing international lotteries at offshore lottery betting sites, though. On the other hand, bingo is considered a casino game, so it falls outside TIPOS’ jurisdiction and can be found at a select few online casinos.

Sports Betting: Sports betting is very popular in Slovakia, and there are many different online bookmakers you can choose to play at. These, too, do not fall under TIPOS’ jurisdiction but are considered separate from the laws governing online casino gambling. Both national and international sportsbooks are popular with players in Slovakia.

Taxes on Big Wins at Slovak Casinos


Slovakia asks for quite a return in exchange for a gambling license. Casino and sportsbook operators must fork out up to €3 million for a license. However, if those operators choose to serve up both sports betting and online casino games from one site, they can cut costs with a two-for-one deal, costing just €2 million. Gambling licenses are valid for ten years, although operators who opt for the twin sportsbook/casino option can apply for an extension of five additional years. Operators must also pay an additional tax of 22% on whatever they make from players in Slovakia.

The Central European country does not charge any tax on whatever a player wins when gambling. This is excellent news, as it allows players to keep all their winnings, encouraging legal, safe and fair gambling.

The Best Slovak Online Casinos to Join Today


Of course, as mentioned, Slovaks can choose to play at nationally licensed online casinos, or they can try their hand at international sites. They are not officially supposed to do the latter, although there are precious few laws stopping them from doing so. The best Slovak online casinos to join today (either nationally licensed or international sites) will all offer at least the following services to their players.

Slovak-Friendly Services: At Slovak license sites, we would expect to see Slovak offered as a language, both for gameplay and support. At foreign casinos, most Slovak players will choose to play in English. The euro is the currency of choice in Slovakia, so this should be available at all casinos accepting players from the country.

Slovak Payment Methods: Most Slovak gamblers (up to 80% of them if you believe reports) are thought to regularly deposit at online casinos using bank cards, such as MasterCard and VISA. These should be commonly accepted at all Slovak casinos and foreign domains, alongside other popular options such as Skrill, PayU, Neteller, SEPA and a few others.

Plenty of Game Options: As mentioned, Slovakia offers operators discounts on rates when they provide both sports betting and online casino games. This is something which is, therefore, rather commonplace at Slovak license betting sites. Any offshore casino which wants to aim its services at players in Slovakia should offer something similar, possibly with bingo and poker games thrown in.

Safe Gameplay: While all Slovak licensed casinos are going to be deemed safe and offer fair play, we cannot say the same of every international casino. The biggest and most reputable domains will offer up reliable licensing information, fair play gaming and promote responsible gaming. It is always worth checking these things before you decide to sign up and play at an offshore casino.

Slovak players can consider themselves somewhat blessed. They have the best of both worlds. There are quite a few of the best online casinos in Slovakia which are licensed out of the country. Moreover, Slovak players are welcome at many international domains, too. If you do opt to play at the latter, we recommend only playing at those sites which fit the criteria listed above. To help you get started, you will find many top Slovak-friendly casinos right here on this site.