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Many poker videos are either deep training videos or just a few minutes videos designed to hook in the viewer to either buy something or download a poker client. Both of these important poker tools have a location, all the need to play and the need for change.
There’s, and it’s called Simple Poker.

No real surprise should be the core of this fresh and exciting video series. For many years, Tommy Angelo has been teaching poker and writing many books on the subject, such as the phenomenally popular Poker Elements.

For many years, Lee Jones has been an industry insider with fair knowledge of PokerStars and poker stars, gleaning tidbits and insights over many years. The two men have combined to create a simple yet highly effective way to transfer information in their series to the poker fan and recreational player.

“We started it because we love teaching poker and we want poker to be a big tempt.” Tommy Angelo says, “Much of what you read now and what you see in videos and on websites make poker look very complex and sophisticated and difficult. Certainly, playing it at the very highest levels is but so many sports – poker, chess – can be enjoyed by playing it at a much more basic level.”

Angelo and Jones state quite clearly that ‘ 99 percent of poker players will never be and have no aspiration to be elite players, ‘ so it is clear that the pair is addressing that 99 percent of people who feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the material they see online.

“A lot of those players that play $1/$3, $2/$5 and $5/$10 are students of the game, we call them serious amateurs. When they learn poker these days, they’re inundated with a lot of graphs, a lot of charts and a lot of complexity. One of my favourite episodes – because of the title – is called ‘Folding Pocket Jacks Before the Flop’. If you look at that sentence from the view of GTO or other complicated means, you can’t ever get to that sentence because you always have to start with range vs. range.”

It is the common recreational man the two men want to reach, and both Angelo and Jones know how to speak to those with whom they share this common ground.

“When you’re talking to Joe Poker Player and he comes up to you and says ‘Hey I need advice, what the hell do I do with pocket jacks before the flop when I get three-bet?’, that’s a topic that can be broken down in meaningful way without ever looking at a chart. That’s what we’re trying to do, to choose topics that are widespread but viewers can watch a video in the morning and take it to the casino in the evening.”

As Lee Jones states, their videos ‘ lengths started with necessity, but they have become great bitesize bits of wisdom to give out every week.

“It started out as a logistical limit with the [technology] that we’re recording on being limited to 30 minutes of video. What we’ve come to realise is that editing time is linear with the length of video you bring out. We both have busy lives and can’t put 50 hours a week into editing video.”


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