This is about one of the most essential poker video bloggers you can subscribe to. The name is Brad Owen, whose appeal to the poker community is both wide-ranging yet remarkably loyal.

Those are the two massive positives for any content creator to have; a huge fanbase who regularly come back for more. It’s the same reason that rapper Eminem continues to swear on his records, Kim Kardashian doesn’t skip carbs and Daniel Negreanu still declares his plans. You have to give the fans what they want.

Brad Owen’s entry into vlogging filled a true gap in the market for low-mid stakes players who could be likeable yet to win huge too. Owen is undoubtedly an outstanding poker player, and he’s a humble person. He goes by the nickname ‘The Giraffe’ for his long neck.

He’s clearly willing to put it on the chopping block in his endeavour for poker self-improvement as demonstrated by his 135 videos on on his YouTube channel. Owen is always looking to improve at the game and has a winsome charm that’s evidently hard to resist. With 195k subscribers, Owen is a YouTube phenomenon, leave alone a poker content legend.

Owen’s specialty is in cash game poker. If you are looking for tournament tips in particular, look no further than on his channel. That doesn’t mean that his analysis of poker hands can’t be helpful to your general play, which can be adapted to tournament tables as well, and typically the early phases of a tournament as they tend to play a bit more similarly to cash games.

Brad Owen may only have $14,409 in his pocket from tournament winnings, but two of those monies came in World Series of Poker events. His cash game skills are essential for low-mid stakes, and he’s in the good niche of being able to pass on his knowledge in a witty and informative manner.

Owen’s vlogs are typically about 15-20 minutes long, but in exceptional situations go up to 25 minutes and may sometimes be as little as 10 minutes. If you play online cash game, then Owen’s videos are going to be the ideal bitesize content to plough through while you work your own easy streets of poker learning.

With Brad Owen known in the industry in a big way, he was mature enough to recently credit his fellow video blogger and friend Andrew Neeme after he claimed the 2019 Global Poker Award for Video Blogging.

It would’ve been great to win but I don’t think there’s anyone more deserving than the man that started it all. He’s cooler in real life than in the videos. Glad to be friends with and a co-host of the MUGs with @andrewneeme, your 2019 Vlogger of the Year.

If you are not already subscribed to Brad Owen’s YouTube channel, now is the time to do so. Otherwise, current subscribers know just how much fun and knowledge they are into.


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