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There are reports that we are about to have a different routing proposal which is expected to be merged anytime from now with lightning’s official specifications.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network is considered as the most effective solution to digital currency scaling that is currently being developed. The lightning network works effectively by creating a layer on top of BTC and subsequently enables a cheap and faster transaction.

Cryptocurrency advocates believe the lightning network is the solution to BTC’s enduring payment complications. The lightning network was proposed by Thaddeus Dryja and Joseph Poon in a 2015 white paper, and is made up of user-generated gateways that help to send BTC payments back and forth in a secure and trustworthy way.

While the technology was initially made for BTC, it is currently being developed for other cryptocurrencies such as Ether, Litecoin, Zcash, Stellar and Ripple. There are also reports that Litecoin will launch its own version of lightning at the same time as Bitcoin’s launch.

The new proposal was introduced by Christian Decker at CoinDeck’s Consensus 2019 conference. Decker is one of the most creative lightning developers who designed Blockstream, a tech startup firm.

At the conference, Decker emphasized that the new proposal will pave way for the anticipated features of lightning. He argued that the features are required due to the fact that the technology is still in its experimental stages and may not be a good idea to be used, at least for now because users are still losing money occasionally from bugs in the technology’s protocol. The developer hopes that the new protocols will continue to make the payments more secure.

Decker explained to CoinDesk:

“This enables quite some cool new features, including multi-path routing, trampoline routing, and so forth. It’s on the agenda for today’s [IRC specification] meeting, and I’m confident it’ll get merged today, so we can get started on the next wave of features.”

Decker has also written code implementation for the proposal. Other developers also agree that this change is a good one which is the primary reason it should be considered as part of the specifications.

All lightning code implementation will, however, need to code up the new proposal specification to remain secure and interoperable, which means that one person using one of the application can send payment to another.

Decker called this new proposal a “multi-frame” proposal,” which allows us to include more information in the routing onion,” the same technology used in the popular privacy-minded browser Tor.

According to Coindeck on the new proposal proposed by Christian Decker:

‘When trying to send a payment across the network, even intermediaries can’t see the information within them by using a technique which mirrors an “onion” in that a layer of obfuscation is peeled away at each hop in the network. So, say there are four hops, the four layers are peeled away one by one with each hop, until the payment reaches the recipient.’

With the new proposal, there will be changes to the routing onion setup, so it has more information embedded that several other routing tools on top needs.


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