Being lazy is not always bad. Actually, there are lazy people who become successful, one is Charles Darwin. He is very lazy that’s why his parents and teachers are having a hard time teaching him grammar and math at school. Most of the time, he fell asleep while in class. He’d rather go on fishing and shooting crows than doing sports. Even when he was working, he didn’t rush things and spent years writing his work.

Another great personality is Winston Churchill. He’s uninterested in going to school and did not pursue college. He hate sports and his favorite thing to do was sitting on a rocking chair. Later on, he became a great politician.

There are many famous people that are incredibly lazy including Einstein, Newton, Picasso, Mendeleev and others. But all of them become successful and idolized all over the world. This only means that lazy people can achieve success too.

Here are some good reasons why lazy people are becoming successful.

  • They are resourceful

People who are lazy are very resourceful and creative in organizing their work. They don’t focus on unnecessary things. They always want to make their life easier and uncomplicated. Example, lazy people invented a digging machine because they’re too lazy to dig. They invented a vacuum cleaner because they’re too lazy to do cleaning.

  • They are not afraid to take risk

Most of the time, lazy people want to explore things. They want to create new opportunities and treat failures as a learning and growing experience. Also, they hate repetitive and boring tasks that’s why they do things that come to their minds.

  • They know when to rest

Lazy people know when to relax and pamper themselves. They believe that the more stress and tired you are, the less productive you’ve become. People who push themselves to the limited will age faster and their memory will possibly fail much quicker.

  • They are more calm

What’s good about lazy people is that they are composed and don’t rush everything. They know how to wait, take their time and get to task after task. In short, they don’t worry to much and just do what they must do.

  • They know what they want

Lazy people are very good in achieving their goals and know how to achieve it. They are too lazy to pay attention to other people’s businesses instead just focus on their own. And they believe that if they spend much less time achieving their own goals, they will have more time to relax later on.

  • They are clever

Actually, lazy people need to be smart to be lazy at work. They try to find ways to do nothing for a while and then complete all the tasks in time. So, if you are smart and lazy at the same time then you might be one of the few people who are good in your job.

  • They love technology

Modern technology makes lives easier especially to lazy people. It allows people to do their job much faster. Lazy people know these things and use them most of the time. High technology simplifies the work process and save a lot of time. Lazy people can relax a bit longer.


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