Poker World does not have very few women players. However, things are changing very fast. Many women players are coming in the new age.

There have been some outstanding contemporary female players, but Sara Chafak is the star of this age.

Players like aura Cintra, Liv Boeree, Samantha Abernathy, Vanessa Rousso, Maria Ho, Vivian Saliba, Kimberly Lansing, Tatjana Pasalic have once been the leading female poker players. But Sara Chafak is an all-rounder. She has become the topic to discuss in the poker world.

Sara Chafak is however beyond everyone. The former Miss Finland, Sara is a model, songwriter, a host of a cooking show, and poker celebrity. She came to the light in 2014 when she pulled off a bluff on Ronnie Bardah. Ronnie Bardah was the winner of the World Series of Poker of 2012 and WSP Record Holder. She pulled off the bluff on television and the video became viral instantly. This was just the beginning of the Poker Stardom for Sara. She became an overnight sensation for her beauty, intelligence, modest behavior, confidence, determination, and poker skills.

She became a star in the Poker Stars Shark Cage show. This is a reality show with six patrons with different backgrounds at Texas Hold’em Table. Players generally use different gimmicks for entertainment as well. Hidden Cameras, Timed moves, different banks, and time chips are few of the things that add excitement to the show.

In each season, there are eight episodes. The winners proceed to the grand finale and the winner of the finale seizes a million-dollar prize.

At a time, when the game reaches the river, a player can basically play the bluff button and play a bluff card. If the opponent is bluffed, then he or she is caged and remained out of the action unless someone leaves the table.

The fun of the show is that the players are celebrities from a different field. A similar thing happened in 2014 show where Sara Chafak featured in Episode 7. Everyone underestimated her and she was unknown to many. However, before the episode, she told that she wants to use her not so popular image to her advantage and wanted everyone to send it to the cage. She sent Ronnie to the cage by the bluff on the very first hand. Ronnie termed it as ridiculous.

Sara continued her dominance on the table like a pro. At a $350,000 pot, Sara had queens deuce against the pair of Aces of Bellande. She then went all-in with $1mn in the river.

With Jean-Robert, Sara again outsmarted. Jean-Robert opted to go home as he thought she is bluffing. He chose to go home rather than go to the cage. He clarified the same afterward. Sara won the hand with two pairs.

The finale was between Sara Chafak and Kara Scott, a Canadian TV personality. Kara was a 10 year veteran in Poker. Kara pushed Ronnie and Jean Robert out of the game. She went on to become the winner and went to London for the finals. However, Sara Chafak became the new name of the Poker World.

Sara was born in Helsinki, Finland on October 25, 1990. She grew up with five brothers. At the age of 19, she has introduced to the world of poker thanks to her boyfriend. She attended various games in home games and in pubs in Finland. She won a couple of public poker tournaments as well. She was even awarded a seat the final but unfortunate flu stopped her.

She got her education from Estonia. She suggests that she attended International Marketing. However, she clarifies that she received a degree in culinary school.

Sara won the beauty pageant in Finland in 2012 and participated in Miss Universe at Nevada.

Sara knows five languages and dreamt of becoming a poker player. She participated in celebrity events and reality TV shows in Finland. However, finally, she caught the eyes of PokerStars that bagged her the opportunity at the Shark Cage.

However, her achievement and credibility do not stop here. She is also a TV personality. Sara has featured on many TV – Mini-Series. She has featured in the music video as well. Apart from that she hosts her own cooking show, Salt to Saffron.

She plays online poker but in a measured way. She is a very private personality and does not really open about the activities in the public domain.

She has a very controlled way of handling life and poker. This is probably the best thing that a poker player can have and Sara Yasmine Chafak has that quality.


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