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Seven Things that You Should Not Do on Poker Table

Poker is an interesting game and people from all levels love playing poker games. However, not everyone reaches the heights of some of the greats of the game. However, that doesn’t really matter. Everyone has their charm and tricks. However, Poker players give hints. It doesn’t matter how big the player is, there are always hints. One needs to be observant and watchful to get these indications.

Here are some of the most common and effective hints that one can get from the poker players. So, when you seat in a local tournament, be very particular not to give away anything and be very observant to read your opponents.


Legs give the early indications. If someone is joyous, they would shake slowly. That gives the early indications. Generally, they wait for their turn to get their dues. Well, don’t be overjoyed and be calm. It gives an even better indication when you are nervous. People shake their legs, even more, when they are out of their comfort zone. Some people even hit the table with their shaking legs. Well, don’t be one of them and keep calm. Let the cards do the talking and not the legs.


Eyes are expressive and they tell a story. Do you know why poker players wear shades? Well, they don’t want to reveal anything. If you overlooking a few cards, that simply gives the hint or coming back at certain cards also give enough idea. So, don’t express anything and wear shades.


Do not talk at the table when you are playing. Over talking at the table would be disastrous when the cards are given away. Be quiet and play the game instead of talking too much. When you speak, you fail to notice the senses of the cards.


Never fiddle with your chips. This gives away more information than someone would have imagined. If you continue to fiddle with your chips while betting, it totally provides a glimpse that you are nervous. If someone looks at the chips and the cards, again and again, that gives the under-confidence of the player.

No Facial Expression

The mouth can express a lot of things. Moving lips, moving jaws or something similar is very common while playing poker. Well, we all know about the Poker Face and that is what exactly we are talking about. Never make the poker face and give hints to the opponents.

Looking Back

Have you ever seen a player looking back as if they are searching for someone? Well, that clearly indicates that the player is bored. This becomes even more dangerous when there is no waiter nearby and your glass is full. It is best to look at your cards without looking here and there.

Engage Others

If an experienced player is engaging with others then be very sure that he or she wants people to know how you are defeated. This is an obvious sign to understand where the game is going.

Make sure that you learn from this and don’t do anything as such on the table. However, if your opponent has not read about this, then you have got your advantage.

Source: https://calvinayre.com/2020/01/15/poker/the-first-seven-poker-tells-you-ever-gave-away/


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