Sony Confirms a New Hardware Feature for the Upcoming PlayStation 5 – And It is Outstanding!

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Sony has once again geared up the gaming market, and the community, with the booming news of the launching date – and a revolutionary new feature – of the company’s hallmark gaming console: PlayStation 5. Exciting, isn’t it? But let us go step-by-step to avoid any confusion.

First, Sony has finally confirmed that its new member of the famous PS gaming family – PS 5 – will be launched during the holidays in 2020. Along with this new addition to its gaming console, Sony has also hinted on a complete design overhaul of PS 5’s controllers.

But there are other two major technological upgrades that will make the gaming-console arena very competitive: Sony is bringing the all-new “adaptive triggers” technology to the PS 5 controllers and bringing in the new connectivity module known as USB-C. To describe it briefly, the so-called “adaptive triggers” will be able to bring a sense of reality for the gamers by adapting to the in-game scenarios. And by making the new controllers as UCB-C connectivity hardware, Sony has vowed to make PS 5’s controllers the most advanced ones in the market.

But that’s not enough as the main showstopper feature in this new gaming hardware is yet to disclose: The Ray Tracing. This is a technically advanced next-gen gaming graphics technology that is not yet introduced on a consumer-level, but it will be with the PlayStation 5 next year. PS 5 will be featured with a hardware-based ray tracing functionality which is based on Nvidia Turing® graphics architecture.

With this feature on, gamers will experience unprecedented surreal lighting and shadow quality (talk something out of a Steven Spielberg movie). Plus, there is support for Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered smart graphics adaptation as well – this is one hell of a gaming console coming your way for sure!

Additionally, Sony PlayStation 5 will also come up with an internal and blazingly fast SSD of its own. With this another major upgrade to its gaming console, Sony has made one mandatory change in the new PS 5: All games must be installed on the internal drive of PS 5 to work on the console, unlike previously when games can be played without installation, directly from the discs. Other than that, the basic core-hardware configuration for the new PS 5 will be the following (as confirmed by a Sony head on the project):

CPU: 8 core/16 threads at 3.2Ghz with a Zen2 architecture

GPU: Navi-based with AMD next-gen features at 12.6 to 14.2 teraflops

Memory: 24GB total with reportedly 20GB GDDR6 at 880GB/S and 4GB DDR4 for the operating system



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