As a parent we are scared for our children’s safety especially if it’s their first time to drive their own car. If your teen is just new in driving you play an important role so they can become responsible and careful drivers. Below are some tips on how to teach our teens to become a responsible driver.

There should be limitations

When your teen already get a liscense and ready to drive, take time to sit with them and discuss your expectations, rules and regulations. Make sure to let them know that you won’t allow drinking, using drugs, and texting while driving. Also, inform your teens that you expect them to be home at a specific hour. They should be prepared with all the consequences in case they violate the rules. This is a way to discipline them and teach them how to be a responsible individual.

Be a good example

Always bear in mind that your teens always look up to you and follow your behaviors. So if you want your teen to be a responsible driver, then as a parent you have to be a good example too. You can’t expect them to be a mature or responsible driver if your driving habits are bad. Every time you’re in the car with your teen, make sure to give some tips on how to be a good driver and show them how a responsible driver act. Examples are being understanding to other drivers and pedestrians, practice safe highway driving, putting seatbelt, etc. You may not notice it but your teen is probably watching how you handle the wheel.

Share What You Learned

We all started as beginners. When you’re young I’m sure you’re also afraid of making driving mistakes. Experiences and knowledge surely helps you to become a better driver. One way to teach your teens to become a responsible driver is by sharing your knowledge, techniques and experiences as a driver. They definitely want to know how to handle different kind of situations. Give them tips on how to drive carefully on bad weather conditions, dealing with unpleasant drivers, slippery roads, etc.

Let Them Drive

The best way to help your teens to be a good driver is by letting them take that wheel and drive. They will never learn if they don’t get on that car and start the engine. However, make sure to be by their side to show support, teach and give advices.


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