Having a toddler and working in an office setting can be tough. You have to work eight hours a day while being away with your child. But now there’s an option. Maybe one of the best things you can do is to quit your regular job and try a freelance setting. Here are some of the things that you can learn as a freelancer mother.

  • Take advantage of quiet moment

Working from home is very relaxing. You don’t have to worry about dress codes, break time and regular working hours.

However it changes when you have a kid to take care of. You can work and take care of your child but not at the same time.

A small child needs your care and attention. It is definitely challenging to have a steady working schedule.

What’s good about this situation is that you can learn how to adapt in this kind of situation and learn how to use your time effectively. All you need is just determination and self-discipline. You can work while your child is taking a day nap or you can get up early to work.

  • Look closely at your kids imagination and perception

Kids are very smart and sometimes they often speak and act without thinking. If you’re with your child you start to see things in a completely different perspective too. Like your child, you can also find a new way to be imaginative.

Children can make something seem enjoyable and exciting. Observe on their behaviors, this might help you solve a problem in your work.

Being with your kids will definitely help you realize that you don’t have to be afraid in trying new and different things. If you feel unhappy and stuck in your current job, you can try to do other option like freelancing. You never know, this might work for you.

  • Have your own workspace

For some freelancers, this is one of their problems especially if they don’t live alone. If you’re working at home you definitely need to find a space of your own where there is no distraction and you can focus on your work. Try to find a possible spot in your house where you can focus and concentrate. One example is you can put your desk in your garage and use it as your workstation.

As much as possible choose a room that is not near your living room or area where your kid usually play. This is to avoid distractions so that you can be able to get your work done as soon as possible. Make sure the baby is sleeping or someone is taking care of your toddler.

  • Get a babysitter

Even if you’re working at home it’s much better to get a babysitter even just for a few hours. Having a kid in the house means full attention and being with them all the time. Sometimes your kid loves to play and wants to be with you while working.

It is much better if someone is helping you in the house so you won’t get disturbed while working. You can start by asking a family member to assist you. Maybe a parent, sister, or other relative are willing to help in taking good care of your toddler.

  • Do not be afraid to start your own business

Sometimes working in an office setting can be tiresome and repetitive. If you love to be with your child and still want to work, you can try to start your own business. The great thing about being a freelancer and a mother is how easily you can have your own business at home if you’re smart about it. You can offer services based on your personal experience and knowledge.

Source: https://articles.bplans.com/5-things-my-daughter-taught-me-as-a-freelancer/

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