Before starting your engine, make sure you have the important items inside your car’s glove box. Whether you’re going to a friend’s house, grocery store or have a road trip. Below are some items that you should always have:

Your car’s owner’s manual

If you’re not familiar with some things on how your car works like how to speed-up your windshield wipers, what does it mean when the engine light comes on, how far you can travel after the dashboard registers you’re low on gas, etc. You can see all the answers in the car’s owner’s manual. If you’re not familiar with the manual, take some time to read it while you’re waiting to pick up your kids from school. Make sure to put it in the glove box if you need to check on something and use it.

Car Insurance and Registration Documents

As a responsible car owner and driver it’s important to always bring your car insurance and registration documents in case a police officer approaches you. And the best place to put these things is in your glove box. It will be easier for you to reach the insurance card and vehicle registration information. Don’t rely too much on downloadable insurance cards because there are times that your mobile phone battery might die. It will also be more convenient for you if you just put it inside your car’s glove box.

Extra Phone Charger

If you still don’t have a car charger in your glove box, it’s much better to put one right away. It’s important to have an extra phone charger because you’re always using your mobile phone in texting, calling and also checking Google Maps. In case you need help or there’s an emergency situation along the road you need to make sure your phone is available when you need it most. It’s reachable if you put the phone charger in your car’s glove box. Just make sure to check it regularly if the charger is working properly.

First Aid Kit

Small first aid kit that has a few packs of bandages, antibiotic ointment, medicines can definitely help in case of emergency. Instead of putting it in the trunk you can put the small version of your first aid kit inside the car’s glove box. Then put the roadside emergency kit in your trunk. Stock it with things like road flares, flashlights and also additional medical supplies.

Flashlight and Batteries

Always bring flashlight and batteries every time you drive. You never know when you’ll be stuck after dark. The best place to put these items is in your car’s glove box. You have to make sure the batteries are new and working. It will be convenient for you if your flashlight and batteries are easy to reach.


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