Having a road trip and taking your infant or toddler can be tough since hechanges mood most of the time. Sometimes your baby will behave properly but there are also times when you can’t control the situation especially if hedon’t have anything to do inside the car for hours. You’re lucky if your baby stays calm and sleep most of the time because of the motion of the car. That’s why there are some helpful tips for you if you want your baby to just sleep most of the time while on a road trip.

Set up the car and pack all things the night before

Make sure you’re ready the night before you plan to leave. Get the car ready and pack the bags to avoid delay. Also, don’t forget to fill the car with gas so you do not have to make an early pit stop.

  • Sunshade

If you’re going on a road trip don’t forget to put a sunshade on your baby’s window to keep the bright light from the sun out of his eyes. This will also make your child more comfortable while sleeping.

  • Pacifiers

Don’t forget to bring several pacifiers and put it in an easily accessible place inside your car if your baby uses one. They can easily be misplaced especially if your toddler is having a tantrum.

  • Music

Have a compilation of calming and comforting music or white noise. This can definitely make your baby sleep well for a long period of time. Aside from that music can help to cover up noises from road as well as passengers conversations.

  • Bottles

It’s very important to prepare bottles of breast milk, milk formula, juice or water, depending on what your child drinks. Don’t forget to store them in your refrigerator until you’re ready to leave and hit the road. Feeding bottle is a great help in putting your baby to sleep while inside your car.

  • Get up early

It’s advisable to get up early to take advantage of hours your baby normally sleeps. And because it’s still dark, your baby will not have a hard time going back to sleep once settled in the car seat.

  • Blanket

Before anything else, start your car before you put your baby out of his bed. Remember, it can be cold outside so it’s much better to let the car warm up. Don’t forget to wrap your baby with a blanket to keep him comfortable and warm.

  • Long breaks

Once in a while you have to take long breaks for meals. This is also a great opportunity for your child to run around, crawl or walk to burn off some energy. By doing this, your baby can easily take a nap once you get back in the car to your road trip.

Don’t forget to bring toys, snacks and books so that when you’re baby is not asleep he can play and do something while inside the car. Put the toys in a small box and hand one to your baby if he makes a fuss.

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