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You will likely have heard the term “top online casino” before. It is a term which often gets thrown about the place when various websites try to promote online casinos. However, apart from being a misused description, what does “top online casino” really mean? Is there such a thing, and what should these online casinos be able to offer you as a player? For once, someone is going to tell you honestly what a top casino should offer, and we are not going to waste any time doing it…

Exciting but Fair Promotions and Bonuses

Bonuses and promotions

There are five steps to being a top online casino, and casinos must clear each one with bells on. One of the first things that we personally look for in a top online casino is a tasty promotion. We are not just talking about welcome bonuses here, but also an added array of subsequent deals, designed to keep already existing members happy. VIP clubs, loyalty offers, and tournaments go a long way to make a top online casino stand out from the pack, too. However, simply offering promos and bonuses is not enough. Top sites such as Kingdom Casino also have bonuses which have fair terms and conditions. After all, you do not want to end up drowning in wagering requirements and other red tape.

Thousands of Games to Choose From

Casino games

Signing up to an online casino only to discover that they do not have a great collection of games, or rapidly getting bored of the game a site has is not a nice feeling. Similarly, casinos which claim to offer thousands of games but do not, are not very professional places to play. When a top casino claims to offer thousands of games, we expect them to mean it, as Cleopatra Casino does. Casinos such as this can rightly be called top casinos because not only do they have thousands of games for you to play; those games span virtually all major genres and include some of the best paying titles around. In short, there is something for everyone, so you will never get bored.

Reliable Support and Security


We all know that an online casino should be licensed. However, some licenses are more valuable than others. After all, a handful of jurisdictions will hand out a casino licensed to any site if the operator stumps up enough cash. That will not do. When we think of the truly top casinos, we are thinking of sites like Paradise Casino, which go beyond having just a license. These top betting sites also promote responsible gambling and have a series of tools which help them do that. They will let you set deposit limits, allow you to opt-out of promotions, and seek self-exclusion periods if things get too much. They will provide you with around the clock support for free, make things easy for you to withdraw without a fee, and offer access to problem gambling programs if the worst should happen. These are all the hallmarks of top online casinos.

Live Casino and Free Gameplay Should be Available

Live dealers

We have already touched on how important it is for top online casinos to have an impressive and extensive gaming library, ideally with titles from many different developers. However, there are one or two other things to note about that. Firstly, being able to offer live casino games, like Live.Casino can is a must. These are the most realistic casino games you can currently play online, so no casino can call itself a top site without them. Secondly, being able to play free games is essential. No casino player wants to try their hand at something wholly new, blast a load of cash on a game they do not understand and lose the lot. Being able to play a game for free first allows you time to practice and play, to get a feel for a slot or table game before you wager your hard-earned moolah on it. These are also things we expect to see in top online casino sites.

The Added Touch

Added touch

Our final stop on this tour of what makes a top casino is a more flexible one. While we expect all top casinos to offer the features already mentioned, this final part is open to interpretation. Ultimately, it is what you want to see in a top casino because after all, each player has their own preferences. For us, the added touch might be the availability of cryptocurrency gameplay, as can be found at For others, mobile gameplay may be the most important added aspect, while some players prefer having the ability to bet on sports with the same account. The bells and whistles we look for to make a top site might extend to payment methods which other sites cannot match.

It does not really matter what added touches the top casinos have to offer. All the matter is that they can provide something which helps separate them from the pack and makes them stand out for the better.

How to Find Top Online Casinos

Find top results

Most players tend to end up at a casino that a friend has recommended, or that they may have seen advertised on television. This is by no means a guarantee that they will end up playing at a top casino, though. Instead, it pays to do your own homework. Using the guidelines listed above, you can search the net for a top place to place. If your chosen casino fits the bill with those guidelines listed above, it may very well be a top site. However, if you want to save yourself the table and speed up the process of playing at top sites, why not let us help you? Any of the top five casinos we have already listed are top online casinos. Moreover, we have got plenty more to suggest with our casino reviews. If you want a helping hand, we can strongly recommend starting there.