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UK Gambling Commission Appreciates YGAM Research Report

Young Gamers and Gamblers Educational Trust (YGAM) has published a report to highlight the adverse impact of video games and gambling which is taken often to relieve financial and academic pressure. UK Gambling Commission has found this report insightful and termed it as detailed and informing. The Commission has even expressed interest to work along with YGAM to curb the gambling impacts.

Red Brick Research conducted a survey of 2000+ Higher Education Students regarding Games and Gambling. The research reports are not only shocking but also an eye-opener for society.

48% of students, who have taken up games, have expressed that it has come in their way of friendship and studies. The result is even more impactful when the frequency is considered. The more the frequency, the deeper is the impact of the games on the students. Among frequent gamers, 20% of students have opined that they have a negative sense of belonging in their educational institute. Almost 33% of students have expressed that their social life has disrupted due to frequent gaming.

Statistics of this report says that there are around 264,000 students from higher education who are at risk of gambling whereas 88,000 are already problem gamblers. The report highlights the financial issues as well. It identifies 59% of gamblers who are worried about their financials. If anyone wants to measure gambling harms then the next statistics could be the most vital one. Almost 16% of the gamblers who are a student of higher education gamble more than they can afford.

Helen Rhodes, Program Director at the Gambling Commission had very positive to say about the research. Helen praised the initiatives of the report which include educational and social aspects. She seemed hopeful that such initiatives should be taken up jointly. This year, the Gambling Commission also launched National Strategy to Reducing Gambling Harms and she believes that the research could be vital for this program. She looks forward to working with YGAM to reduce the gambling harms faster with strategic coordination.

CEO of YAGM, Lee Willows is mighty impressed with the findings of the research for this less researched student community of higher education. The purpose of the research was to understand the students and the impacts of gaming and gambling in their life as a whole added Lee. Continuing on the research reports, Lee said that the students from university generally come out of their houses for the first time and manage their life, financials and live independently for the first time as well. He is willing to coordinate more with the universities to raise awareness in terms of financial activities and malpractices, support and well-being of individuals to connect more with the affected students. The idea is to curb the risks of gambling and gaming for the report, added Lee.

Chair of the Board of YAGM, Mike Wojick shared similar feelings for the report. He was one of the people who drafted this research and said that he intended to go to the deep of the problem to highlight the issue to Universities and the authorities. Apart from supporting the University and Student Engagement Program of YGAM, Mike believes that it would create a ripple effect and make sure more researches in this field. However, he agrees that the concern is not only with financials and academics, but it is also much beyond that. He added that the potential risk of mental health, well being, anxiety, insomnia, stress is out of the scale. He said that even though YGAM would focus on the agile charity of educational needs for the students but would also work with Universities and authorities to implement actions on the ground and fight the gambling harms.

The leader of the Study, Ben Cooke, of Red Brick Research, said that the study led them to valuable insights. It helped them to understand the impact of gaming in studies, finances and of course in their social lives. He also agreed that there is a lack of awareness on the same so far. Awareness should be created about gaming or gambling addiction and how to fight it. He believes that the practical and on-ground actions of YGAM to curb this are significant and essential.

Source: https://europeangaming.eu/portal/latest-news/2019/09/05/53618/ygam-student-research-welcomed-by-uk-gambling-commission/


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