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There is still no clear leader for the Poker Masters after the pitched battle fought last weekend in search of the long-awaited purple jacket. And it is that after having played five spectacular events in PokerGO, anything can happen, because it is not yet glimpsed who will take the lead, quite the opposite of what happened two months ago at the British Poker Open, when the American player Sam Soverel stood out with advantage to spare.

The Central Poker tailor will not be able to take advance measures of the player who will finally wear the purple jacket in Las Vegas, at most he can only calculate the size of the players for now as they reach the final table, after finishing the three events of the first Weekend.

Event Nº 3: Depa tests his skills with the short deck

In this event, Short Deck master Jonathan Depa beat Alex Foxen and won a new crown to take the lead among a group of players, including Foxen.

Sam Soverel on the other hand took the lead by putting on the table several movements of attack that were precise, while Jorryt van Hoof, player of the final table of the WSOP advanced but, unfortunately, in the hand to hand of the last day, Soverel it was quickly removed.

Soverel played all-in with an appropriate ten queen, but van Hoof called him with his queen-king and could not catch up, leaving five players at the table to continue betting on the victory of the event.

Almost about to fall, Ben Yu made his all-in move with jack-ten and Depa called with as-king. Despite not being the favorite, he would have been in Hold’em, but Depa was still ahead, while Yu needed help. And that was exactly what he got in the flop, by combining his jack and adding a direct draw. However, a king on the turn managed to match Depa’s hand, but Yu could not achieve one of the outs he needed on the river.

The probability was that the American Erik Seidel would join Yu on the railing. However, in the distribution of aces against kings, he jumped on van Hoof who had the kings. A few hands later, the Dutchman went out when he put the queen in pocket kings.

But Seidel also fell in front of Foxen who advanced in the final table and matched his GPI domain. The movement of King Nine of Seidel, led Foxen to make the call with ace-queen. Although a 9 in the flop put for a short time the runner-up of the WSOP Main Event, Foxen was finally able to find the runner-runner so he could make a blush of the club and be able to enter the face to face.

Depa had the experience, but Foxen had the momentum. That would change after smaller hands before the younger player could enter the all-in and made the call with jack-nine against the queen-jack held by Depa. The deal for Depa was closed with a queen on the flop. To Foxen’s consolation the defeat against the American was by narrow margin.

Final results of the final table of $ 10,000-Entry Short Deck:

  • 1. Jonathan Depa $ 133,200
  • 2. Alex Foxen $ 88,800
  • 3. Erik Seidel $ 59,200
  • 4. Jorryt van Hoof $ 37,000
  • 5. Ben Yu $ 29,600
  • 6. Sam Soverel $ 22,200

Finalists of 8 games of event # 4 that swept Bleznick

Poker professional Jared Bleznick won the $ 10,000 8-Game event at Poker Masters 2019, his first live tournament, beating the final table to players Cary Katz, Nick Schulman and Brandon Adams in their journey to claim the first major of $ 153,000.

Nick Schulman, another player who found Bleznick on his way and who seemed to take the lead, after his spectacular mixed game, finally came out with kings divided in Stud 8, but that was not enough for Bleznick who won the hand by making a pair Low and two.

Nor was the winner of Super High Roller London, Cary Katz able to resist Bleznick’s onslaught. Already in the final hand of the tournament, Katz fell in Pot Limit Omaha to meet the two pairs of the American player, who won with aces and dozens.

Results of the final table of $ 10,000 8-Game Mix:

  • 1. Jared Bleznick $ 153,000
  • 2. Cary Katz $ 99,000
  • 3. Nick Schulman $ 67,500
  • 4. Mike Gorodinsky $ 45,000
  • 5. Jake Abdalla $ 36,000
  • 6. Brandon Adams $ 27,000
  • 7. George Wolff $ 22,500

Event Nº 5: Spectacular Martini play

Upon reaching the final table with six $ 10 Big Bet Mix players, the game began with a clear power of Stephen Chidwick, the winner of the WSOP event and the British Poker Open. Everything indicated that Chidwick would add his name to the winning table of the 2019 Poker Masters. The reality was different.

At the end of the tournament that attracted 52 runners, Frenchman Julien Martini won his first victory of 2019 in competition with a talented group of players.

During the skirmishes, Pedro Bromfman was eliminated to take sixth place at the time he reached a low hand of 10-7 in No Limit 2-7 Single Draw. However, he could not hit more and he found the winner of the WSOP in Rozvadov, Aussie Kahle Burns drawing an 8-6 to win his hand.
Fifth place was taken by Chidwick, who had to endure a cold time on the table, finally falling during No Limit Hold’em. The Jack-nine in the hands of Chidwick would lose to the ace-queen of Sam Soverel.

Soverel, however, was leading the chips, but he would be the next player to fall to Burns a little later in a round of No Limit 2-7 Single Draw. There were only three left at the table and Jorryt van Hoof would be the next to leave. A Martini in silence and seemingly without possibilities to be reduced to a big blind. Then as he tripled in a three-way hand he saw his impulse grow in front of Van Hoof.

Then, Martini who had a good hand, called with a high ace to leave Burns, the winner of the WSOP double bracelet, which was eliminated in second place.

Results of the final table of $ 10,000 Big Bet Mix:

  • 1. Julien Martini $ 166,400
  • 2. Kahle Burns $ 109,200
  • 3. Jorryt van Hoof $ 72,800
  • 4. Sam Soverel $ 52,000
  • 5. Stephen Chidwick $ 41,600
  • 6. Pedro Bromfman $ 31,200

Poker Masters 2019 already has five winners after the events of the first weekend and so far there are no forecasts that cannot vary in the next events. Anyone can be a winner, but Chance Kornuth with two finalist positions in their saddlebags, leads the ranking.

2019 Poker Masters overall ranking:

Position / Name Points Earnings

  • 1. Chance Kornuth 420 $ 288,900
  • 2. Isaac Baron 300 $ 223,100
  • 3. Ryan Laplante 300 $ 186,000
  • 4. Julien Martini 300 $ 166,400
  • 5. Jared Bleznick 300 $ 153,000
  • 6. Jonathan Depa 300 $ 133,200
  • 7. Sam Soverel 270 $ 151,800
  • 8. Jorryt van Hoof 270 $ 109,800
  • 9. Alex Foxen 270 $ 108,200
  • 10. Thai Ha 210 $ 124,800

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