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What Makes Antonio Brown To Be Among the Best Wide Receivers In The NFL?


Antonio Brown has been among the best wide receiver in the NFL for the last eight seasons. Despite having less physical appearance compared to other No.1 wide receivers, Antonio has continued dominating in the field.

One of the things that has kept Antonio dominance in the field is his feet. He has the best feet in the NFL. When running, his route is well mastered. He is also able to change direction in an unmatched manner. It’s rare to see a receiver working through a line of scrimmage and get a comeback off balance. Antonio waits for the ball to be snapped, he then points to a direction where he wants you to think he is heading. He then takes another direction just as the ball gets in his hands.

But for now, Brown wants his helmet. The Helmet in American Football is essential equipment. It’s work as a shield as well as a sword. It has to fit your head tightly and when in it, you know you’re at work. It’s like being enclosed in a bubble where one can withstand injuries.

While in that bubble, everything changes. The sound is quiet but becomes noisy to the slightest impact. Being in the helmet also alters the perception, especially in colossal risk combat.

Many people have attacked Brown stance of changing the helmet. There might be a dozen reasons why he wants to change his helmet. Despite all, a helmet is not guaranteed safety from injuries. There is always a warning in every helmet that clearly says that ‘No helmet can prevent serious head or neck injury.’

While each new helmet design comes with a unique shape and feeling, it also changes the outside appearance. The pad placement also varies and even the pressure points. The neurological response to tightness on the head changes. This makes one think that the new helmet is safe.

But the truth of the matter is, no helmet is safe. The warning remains’ ‘No helmet can prevent serious head or neck injury” despite improvement.

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/why-antonio-brown-needs-his-helmet/ar-AAFNMJZ

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