As a real estate agent its your duty to help clients in selling or buying a home. Some agents shake their hands, wish them luck and bid them goodbye. Although some of them no longer need your services, there are several reasons why you should still keep in contact with past clients.

Customers may need your services after few years

There are some homeowners who sell and move about every five to seven years. That’s why some of your previous clients might get in touch with you in less than a decade especially if they have great experience with your service. There’s a big chance that they will work with you again.

Provide referrals

Sometimes your clients will know someone buying or selling a property. If you’re in contact once in a while, they can refer somebody like friends, colleagues or family members who needs help in getting a real estate agent.

How to keep in contact with previous clients

Home anniversary cards or Christmas cards

There’s a way to get in touch with your previous clients. You can send them a Home anniversary card on the anniversary of their purchase date, or Christmas card to wish them well. It’s one good way to let them know that you still think of them and if ever they need assistance in buying or selling properties you’re always available to help them.

Email marketing lists

If you have an email marketing list, ask your past clients to subscribe. Of course, don’t send them marketing materials without their consent. Also, make sure the content appeals to their need. You can send them articles about home decor, home improvement or even financial tips. If they receive your newsletters regulalrly, there will always be connections.


Average homeowners moves around every five to seven years. So it’s a good idea to keep the records of your previous clients of when they purchase their homes. As they approach the four, five, six, or seven-year mark, why not send a postcard or letter offering help in searching for their next new home. Some usually calls and choose the same real estate agent especially if they have great relationship before.

Use social media

The easiest way to get in touch with past clients is to connect on social media. Examples are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc. Every time you post something on your account, your previous clients will see it and will remember you in case they need assitance again. Eventhough you don’t talk regularly they will see your name on their newsfeed and most likely will contact you when they want to purchase again or when a friend or a family member need a real estate agent.


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