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Google needs a self-reliant Huawei and a competing, end-to-end smartphone ecosystem like skin rash. This is one reading of the company’s warning to the Trump administration that the devices of the Chinese phonemaker would be safer with Google’s Android (opinion).

Oh the irony

The information of Reuters that Alphabet Inc. turned to the Trump administration with its concerns about the Huawei ban certainly explains why Google looked so half-hearted in complying with the restrictions of the Entity list.

Google, reportedly, argued that Huawei and Honor devices with an operating system based on Android AOSP (or on something else entirely, doesn’t matter) would be more suspectible to hacking as Google would be not able to provide security updates to them. The tech giant presented this dilemma as a potential threat to national security, which is ironic because security concerns (officially at least) lead to the Huawei ban in the U.S. in the first place

But Chris Smith of BGR seems something else behind Google’s expressed worries. For one thing, U.S. carriers do not offer Huawei phones, so why bother?

Smith argues that at this point, Huawei needs the tech companies of the Western hemisphere not just for technology and access to their ecosystems but for legitimization. However, China and its national champion company are well capable of building all this up by themselves in a few years.

The outbreak of Huawei smartphones on world market in the last two years meant better penetration for Android against iOS at the same time. If Huawei weathers the storms, and according to Chris Smith they will, the #2 phonemaker of the world will make a comeback with a revenge and a developing smartphone ecosystem of its own that would compete with Google and Apple at the same time.

And this will unfold before the watchful eyes of Samsung and LG because China and Huawei may achieve something the world leader phonemaker had not been able to do before.

Source: https://bgr.com/2019/06/07/usa-vs-huawei-google-warns-huaweis-android-might-be-a-security-risk/

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