Despite the incredible technological advancement in recent years in casino games, their style remains very conservative. It is something that we observe, for example, in the titles of the games, as well as in their format. Why not have more games in portrait mode instead of the traditional landscape mode?

Most of the casino games have a landscape approach. Although there are currently games with a portrait approach, in reality there are few. Until a few years ago they were practically non-existent. With the passing of the years and the overwhelming technological advancement, it is now possible to find slot games in portrait mode.

What does this indicate? Have we definitely entered a new format design? No. What the designers have done is simply scale the landscape mode and add the “rotate” button at the bottom of the screen. It looks rather simplistic and looks like a bad version of landscape mode.

Why not put some extra effort into its layout and create games in both portrait and landscape modes. But having portrait mode on the screen as a launcher. Does it represent an extraordinary expenditure of time and money for suppliers?

The irruption of portrait mode

The vertical format is gaining more importance than ever with smartphones as the main gaming channels. This is indicated by the statistics of online casino games.

Nowadays, some operators are directing their games towards desktops, laptops and tablets. The latter are very versatile and support both formats. There are also other operators who prefer only smartphones.

So why are manufacturer mostly still creating only landscape mode games? Why are operators not forcing manufacturers to change the format of games? There is no other reason than the conservatism that continues to dominate the industry.

Until a few years ago it was unthinkable to record videos in portrait mode because of how the video could be seen on a television or on a computer. Now, it is nothing new, many videos are shot in portrait mode and are perfectly accepted by social media platforms.

An example of this is TikTok whose content is based on portrait mode. It may be more difficult to record a mobile video in landscape mode than in portrait mode. Because portrait mode is natural now. The mere fact of having to turn the mobile to view a video in landscape mode can make the user desist.

It is true that most movies and longer videos are still viewed in landscape mode, because it is wider and more visually comfortable. But there is no reason why short videos should not be viewed in portrait mode.

Portrait mode will prevail

This is also true for online games that we see on smartphones. An Xbox or PlayStation game that lasts longer than 3.8 minutes per round should be viewed in landscape mode. On the other hand, if it is a short slot game, what reason is there to keep only the horizontal format?

It is also true that the portrait format works for slot games but not for table games: blackjack, poker or roulette. Although with the right designer and the necessary technology it is possible to perfectly design these games in landscape mode and let the player choose.

Given the trend of online games on mobile, sooner rather than later the portrait format will take over. Because, it helps the business by incorporating new young and dynamic users. The smartphone is everything today for young people: they communicate, socialize, play, study, work and have fun through them.

Anything that is out of the reach of a smartphone is perhaps not as high a priority these days. If manufacturers and operators resist the inevitable change, new players will leave them out of their gaming preferences.


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