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Tunf mission is to bring you a well-written, interesting, accurate, and informative magazine that will tweak your interest, knowledge, and comportment to make gambling more enjoyable for you. Owned and managed by Tunf.com. Tunf is based out of New York & London.

Tunf works with experts from around the world. Established in 2018, we have an unwavering commitment to accuracy and strive to bring you the latest news on everything from regulatory changes to emerging trends in the industry.

From the very early stage, Tunf has been committed in providing the fastest update on all happenings, around the Casino industry across the world. The idea was initially executed by John Wilson. Our team of writers, researchers and industry insiders scour the globe to report on all facets of sports betting, lotteries, casinos, poker and online gaming.

This is an incredible resource for novice and high roller players as we offer information about everything related to the online gambling industry.

Our website delves to the deepest depths of a Casino and brings out everything you need to know.

Tom Wilson

Publisher Tom Wilson is a gambling industry pioneer. He is the founder of Tunf and his yearly Gambling industry predictions and analysis are respected and adhered to by veterans and novices alike.

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Neha Agrawal
Chief Editor

enthu cutlet - Over the decade, Neha have been working in the online casino gambling industry as a freelance writing service provider. She is a composer of news, promotional material, how to play guides, PRs, general articles, slot/casino reviews, and also sports betting material. A passionate online gamer and has clinched gambling's move to the Internet.

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Rebecca Pop
Senior Journalist

After three and a half years of iGaming industry experience, Rebecca Pop resigned and joined industry icon and former online gaming executive Tom Wilson to serve as the Global Brand Ambassador and the Head On-site Reporter for Tunf.

Alec Pronk
Alec Pronk is a huge sports fans and also enjoys all things politics. When he's not writing you can find him losing at chess to his friends.
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Carol Kay

Carol Kay is an American editor and writer living in California with a background in business and finance, health and fitness and popular culture. She is the author of numerous books and articles on a variety of subjects. She is dedicated to disseminating information of public import on the internet.

Ezra Ondara

Ezra Ondara is a freelance writer on Upwork.com, football fanatic, and betting pundit. He specializes in product reviews and casino/gambling content, with interest in the aviation industry and space science. When he’s not at his desk crafting content, he is watching the English Premier League or space exploration videos on YouTube, or out of town with his family. Ezra values relationships and he’s committed to providing valuable content for readers.

Kayleigh White

Thirty-something coffee-addict and mother to three dogs, who lives and breathes all things gambling. I've had an interesting career since leaving school; from serving baguettes to supplying gambling content for companies around the globe. I also take a great interest in world politics.