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Cryptocurrency betting is not for everyone, but if there is one type of digital currency that you may be familiar with and toying with the idea of using to bet online, it would be Bitcoin. Bitcoin – the most famous and popular of all cryptocurrencies – can appear at many of today’s top sites as a payment method. It can also be used at some sites as a currency that you bet on games with, rather than just a banking option. Which casinos offer these services, and why might you consider making the jump to Bitcoin online casinos today? As ever, we aim to find out…

The Pros of Bitcoin Online Casino Gaming

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There are pros and cons to betting. One of the most notable aspects of Bitcoin betting is that you can get hold of your withdrawals in record time. Most Bitcoin withdrawals are usually processed in anything from minutes to hours, seldom longer than a day. Moreover, these transactions are free. Most bitcoin casino sites are usually open to all players across the world, and they offer a degree of anonymity that few other casinos can afford. The only real downside to Bitcoin online casino gambling is that some sites are unlicensed, or that Bitcoins are not accepted in every country. However, with our page, you are guaranteed to find safe, legal Bitcoin online casinos which fit the bill.

Making the jump to Bitcoin online casino gaming will not be easy if you are not tech-savvy. You need to know how cryptocurrencies work, how the blockchain is organised and run, and how to obtain Bitcoins before you attempt to bet online with them. Fortunately, there are ample guides on the net which can teach you this. Once you are armed with a bit of knowledge, have acquired a Bitcoin wallet, and visited an exchange to top it up, where do you go next?

There are three types of casinos that you might choose, and we will look at each of them in turn.

Bitcoin-only Casinos

The first type of Bitcoin online casinos we will look at are those which are exclusive to bitcoin only. These casinos only accept Bitcoin and no other payment methods. Naturally, you need to have a good understanding of how the cryptocurrency works before you decide to sign up and play at these casinos, as you will not have the luxury of FIAT currencies to fall back on.

Multi-Cryptocurrency Casinos

One of the other types of Bitcoin online casinos you can join is one which accepts a variety of digital currencies. These will typically also accept Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and a few others. Again, though, if you wish to play at these multi-cryptocurrency Bitcoin betting sites, you will need to have a firm grasp of how cryptocurrencies work beforehand.

Dual-Currency Casinos

Dual-currency Bitcoin online casinos are ideal for newbies who are considering making the jump to Bitcoin betting, and there is a particularly good reason why. First and foremost, they accept Bitcoin. Secondly, they also allow you to deposit using FIAT currencies, such as the US dollar, using conventional payment methods like e-wallets and credit cards. If you are not quite comfortable wagering with Bitcoin at betting sites, then getting started with these casinos can prove to be ideal, as they allow you to gradually migrate to Bitcoin online casino betting.

The only thing that you need to watch out for here is that they give you a fair exchange rate when depositing. One of the best casinos which accepts both FIAT and cryptocurrency deposits is They offer flexible deposit methods and even support slot, table, and live casino game betting with Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

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There is not much difference between the best Bitcoin online casinos and standard FIAT currency casino sites. Both offer top games, both provide around the clock support, and they both offer top bonuses and promotions. One of the leading casino sites for bonuses is Kingdom Casino. This is a shining example of everything one should expect to see in such a domain.

  • Welcome Bonuses
  • Re-Deposit Bonuses
  • Loyalty and VIP Offers
  • and compete in Tournaments and Competitions

The terms and conditions attached to these Bitcoin online casino bonuses are not really any different from the types of rules you would expect to see at conventional internet casinos, either. You have absolutely nothing to lose with them.

Betting on Bitcoin Casino Games

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While you can always deposit (and withdraw) with the cryptocurrency at Bitcoin casino sites, your chances of playing casino games with Bitcoins can vary. Some casinos convert all Bitcoin deposits into a FIAT currency, such as US dollars. You would then use this FIAT currency to wager on games, and then see it converted back to Bitcoins when you wish to withdraw. This is not actually that practical and can see the casino give you a so-so exchange rate when they convert your BTC.

Instead, it is far better to play at a trusted Bitcoin online casino which allows you to wager on games using BTC. One of the best casinos which offers this service is Cleopatra Casino. Whether you wish to bet with bitcoin on slots, table games, live dealer, video poker or anything else, it is top casinos like this which you should aim to play at.

Play at Leading Bitcoin Online Casinos Today

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Not everybody will be ready to make the jump to cryptocurrency casino gaming just yet. There is a learning curve involved with Bitcoin betting. However, if you think you know all that you need to and want to start betting today, then look no further than our recommended Bitcoin online casinos. We have already discussed three of the best in, Kingdom Casino and Cleopatra Casino. However, you can find many more top Bitcoin online casinos by heading straight over to our Bitcoin casino reviews today.