In the hushed corridors of power where fortunes and futures are forged, Dr. Miriam Adelson stands as a bastion of influence and conviction. With the steady hand of one who has inherited not just immense wealth but a weighty legacy, she navigates the complex interplay of politics, passion, and personal creed. As the controlling shareholder of Las Vegas Sands and a figure of undeniable clout in the Jewish community, Dr. Adelson’s voice resonates with the authority of her late husband’s, Sheldon Adelson, renowned both for his business acumen and his fervent support of Israel.

Interwoven in the narrative of Dr. Adelson’s stewardship is a tapestry of unwavering support for the Israeli state, a cause she champions with both her considerable resources and her platform. Miriam Adelson’s presence made headlines at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s Annual Leadership Summit at The Venetian Resort, where her silent gesture – forming a heart with her hands for former President Donald Trump – spoke volumes of her political inclinations.

Her latest salvo in the ideological battle for Israel’s sovereignty and security comes in the form of a scathing op-ed featured in Israel Hayom, a publication that echoes her voice. Dr. Adelson articulates with chilling clarity that to her, and by extension to those who share her uncompromising stance, supporters of Hamas are enemies— nay, nihilities— to the Jewish community. The underlying message is stark and unforgiving: condemnation of Israel, even prefaced by reproach for Hamas, renders the speaker devoid of acknowledgment in her eyes.

Dr. Adelson does not mince words in her fierce editorial. “If you insist Israel is obligated to seek accommodation with Hamas,” she writes, “an idea you would never have entertained for Western powers that fought the Nazis, al-Qaida, or ISIS, you’re dead to us.” She extends this rigorous paradigm to any who underestimate Israel’s restraint in the face of existential threats, insisting that Israel’s potential for might remains in check only through a profound concern for civilian suffering.

In her written words, Dr. Adelson has issued a clarion call to the Jewish diaspora and their allies— to stand resolutely against adversaries and resist the urge for any semblance of conciliation or forgetfulness. It is a striking potrait of an individual who champions life, yet refuses to count her dead in silence.

Behind the impassioned prose lies a strategic mind, one that understands the undercurrents of financial influence and political leverage. Dr. Adelson channels her inherited $32.5 billion fortune into initiatives that bolster the connection between the Jewish community in the United States and policymakers in Washington, D.C. Together with her late husband, she has poured vast sums into the coffers of the Republican Party— a river of generosity spawning tangible geopolitical outcomes, such as the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

The Las Vegas Sands imprint marks not only the gilded halls of its resorts but also the landscape of political ambition. As the company expands its presence from the gaming paradises of Macau to the opulent Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Dr. Adelson’s hold over this empire— owning roughly 57%— is as apparent as the strategic divestment from its Las Vegas assets following Sheldon Adelson’s death.

Yet, Dr. Adelson’s political acumen is as nuanced as it is formidable. She has declared her intentions to abstain from the Republican Party’s primary fray, opting instead to lend her support to the eventual nominee in the 2024 presidential race. With the specter of another Trump presidency looming large on prediction markets, Dr. Adelson has proven that she is not one to oppose the currents of her party’s will. Instead, she waits with the readiness of a seasoned strategist to back the chosen standard-bearer against Democratic opposition.

Thus, as leaders in the Republican arena vied for recognition and favor at the Summit in Las Vegas, Dr. Adelson listened, her mind no doubt mapping the contours of political landscapes yet to unfold. It is in these narratives of influence and ideology that Dr. Miriam Adelson’s story is continuously written— a testament to the enduring nature of commitment and the indelible mark of personal conviction.

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