In a landscape where giants clash on fields of green, behold the latest tales of valor and surprise in the realm of college football. As the clock ticks down to the much-anticipated semifinal showdowns of the College Football Playoff, the Michigan Wolverines and the Texas Longhorns stand tall as early favorites, commanding the attention of those who cast their fortunes on the outcomes of these epic battles.

The luminaries of the gridiron, these four, Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama, have carved their names into the annals of the CFP. The tale took a dramatic turn as Florida State, an undefeatable force throughout the season, was unceremoniously brushed aside, dashing their dreams of conquest that have been lying dormant since 2013.

On this day, the skies echoed with the sound of gasps as the CFP Selection Committee, that council of thirteen, rendered Florida State’s stellar campaign null and void in the top-tier contest. Why? Though their star quarterback, Jordan Travis, was absent, many questioned if the might of their victories should not have spoken louder. Alas, a shadow now looms over an undefeated Power 5 conference champion, cast aside for the first time in the CFP era.

The Committee spoke of principles and relevant factors, including the dark specters of key warriors and strategists missing from the fray, stressing their heavy weight upon a team’s honor in both past and future skirmishes.

Yet, with Florida State’s fall, the final combatants stepping into the arena are Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama—the heralds of New Year’s clashes to come.

When the world bids farewell to the passing year and ushers in the next, the Rose Bowl will witness the might of Michigan challenging Alabama’s grizzled warriors. The setting sun will bear witness as Michigan, favored by a mere pair of points, embarks on their quest at 5 pm EST.

As the hourglass continues its inexorable flow, the Allstate Sugar Bowl will ignite the flame of contest anew, casting Texas as the favored one-loss champion against the unblemished Huskies under the cloak of night at 8:45 EST.

Fortune’s gaze settles curiously on these gladiators, with Michigan being proclaimed the closest to seizing the fabled national championship since their last triumph in 1997. Even so, Alabama stands as a formidable omen, barely a whisker behind as the Rose Bowl victor may well become the favorite to claim ultimate glory on January 8.

Under the roof of Houston’s NRG Stadium, the final act will unfold, where either Michigan, Texas, Alabama, or Washington shall rise as the indomitable force in this combat for the ages.

Critics from every corner have cast their verdict on Florida State’s path—too lightly trodden, they claim. Yet, for Alabama, the specter of a desperation play against an unheralded Auburn squad haunts their otherwise sterling campaign.

And so, the coach of Florida State, the disheartened Mike Norvell, calls out from the silence, voicing disdain and condemnation for the committee’s decree. “Where is the motivation,” he implores, questioning the very essence of the struggle, the heart of the battle, the point of the play.

This tale is rich with conquests and controversy, strength and strategy—an odyssey through a season that will resonate long after the final play is run. And as the champions of the New Year’s Six bowls rise, so too will tales of their struggles be recounted by those who watch, wait, and wager on the outcomes of these monumental contests.

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