Once upon a time in the humming heart of Nevada, amidst the neon glow and the whisper of dice, a grand dream took root on the historic grounds where the Thunderbird hotel and casino had once spread its wings. Like the mythical Phoenix, the vision for Fontainebleau Las Vegas first spread its ambitious plumes in February of 2007. While the venerable Frontier continued its seasoned vigil across the street, Jeffrey Soffer and his gallant ensemble of visionaries commenced the intricate ballet of constructing what would be a sister property to their opulent Miami resort, with the curtain set to rise in October 2009.

Yet the tale of the Fontainebleau was not to be one of swift triumph. As the gods of fortune would have it, laying the first stones in 2007 placed the Fontainebleau’s odyssey perilously close to the tempest that would sweep across the global financial landscape. The ground beneath it trembled with the echo of the Great Recession, a fiend born from the bursting of the U.S. real estate bubble in 2008—a year infamous for its unkindness to dreamers of grand edifices.

Indeed, the Fontainebleau’s journey was fraught with signs that would leave the superstitious clutching their talismans. A tragic fall claimed a construction worker’s life in the torrid summer of 2007, a sobering reflection on the perils of ambition. His passing was quickly followed by a structural wail of protest within the framework of the building itself, signifying a battle between human intent and nature’s whims.

In the twilight of 2008, the Frontier’s storied sign was dismembered, an act of dismantling taking place as the Fontainebleau’s silhouette pierced the Nevada sky. Sixty-eight stories of determination were crowned on November 14, asserting its stance as the tallest occupied contender in the state—only for its lofty aspirations to come crashing as hard as the economy around it.

Frightened by the economic tempest, stalwart lenders Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase severed their lifelines. The once-prolific funding stream of $770 million evaporated into the weary Las Vegas breeze. The behemoth, bruised and partway birthed, slumped into bankruptcy, its $2.8 billion heart ceasing to pulse.

As months cascaded into years, a somber vigil enveloped the stagnant giant. A visage of unfinished splendor and broken promises, the building brooded over the glittering Strip. Luxurious appointments, intended for the rooms within its mute walls, found new purpose in the Plaza downtown and Buffalo Bill’s in Primm, while the cranes atop its crown stood as silent sentinels to a future deferred.

Then arrived the capitalist Cerberus, the billionaire marauder Carl Icahn, eyeing the carcass with the perceptive gaze that had lined his coffers with wealth. In a bankruptcy auction in 2010, he secured the tower for a mere $150 million. His patience bore the fruit of foresight; for in 2017, he would sell the monolith for $600 million, reaping a harvest fourfold, and with it, a smirk born of his ruthless acumen.

By 2021, the landscape of Las Vegas had marveled and mourned as the phantasm that was once Fontainebleau remained a stagnant backdrop—an urban myth that bore scars of fires, both of accident and intent, that cast shadows over its potential rebirth.

Yet, as seasons turned and the world embraced uncertainty once more with the advent of a pandemic, the fates conspired for an unfathomable denouement. The original maestro, Soffer, returned to the fold alongside Koch Real Estate Investments, brandishing $650 million to reclaim the narrative from the jaws of foreclosure.

Freed from Marriott’s tentative grasp and unfettered by erstwhile alliances, the Fontainebleau’s blueprint was reborn, surging to a staggering final budget of $3.7 billion. In an homage to resilience and unyielding drive, the Fontainebleau emerged phoenix-like once again, on the precipice of defining an era in luxury hospitality.

With whispered promises of grandeur fulfilled, Soffer heralded a fresh epoch during an exclusive ribbon-cutting on the 13th of December, 2023. As the clock inched toward its nocturnal embrace, the Fontainebleau’s doors swung wide, welcoming devotees to partake in a spectacle sixteen years in the making—an expanse of extravagant indulgence awaiting those who dared to dream alongside it. And thus, at the stroke of midnight, the luring call of grandeur echoed down the Strip, beckoning guests to the enigma now unraveled in its full splendor—the Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

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