In a strategic move that has shifted the balance of power in both the sporting world and the Dallas real estate market, the venerable Adelson and Dumont families—whose legacy is etched into the grand casinos of Las Vegas—have emerged as the new majority owners of the heralded Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise. With this acquisition, the families have also taken the helm of a significant stronghold within the buzzing Dallas Design District—an area just a stone’s throw away from the nerve center of downtown Dallas—and with it, the team’s practice facility.

This transformative endeavor originated when these families, deeply entrenched in the foundations of Las Vegas Sands, clinched approximately 70% of the Mavericks from the effervescent Mark Cuban, the team’s emblematic figure now recast to a minority stakeholder. This handover wasn’t merely a changing of the guard; it was the bequeathing of a dozen acres of prime land, infused with ambition and potential, at a value pinned at $42.9 million, as per the meticulous scribes of county records. This plot of land, once whispered to harbor Mark Cuban’s dreams for a spanking new arena to showcase the Mavericks’ artistry, now awaits a different script under its new custodians.

Dr. Miriam Adelson and her kin, Sivan and Patrick Dumont—who hold the threads of Las Vegas Sands and are seasoned oracles of high-stake property gambits—now wield the keys to this Dallas kingdom. Their ascent to real estate royalty won the favor of the NBA’s rigorously discerning lens, garnering approval for what may be a game-changer for the city’s landscape.

Mark Cuban, a man whose genius is etched in the digital revolution, was candid in acknowledging that the intricacies of real estate were better left to the maestros—the Adelsons and Dumonts. While Cuban continues to steer the Mavericks’ basketball destiny, it is Patrick Dumont who now represents the team among the esteemed Board of Governors of the NBA.

The Adelson and Dumont lineage isn’t new to the alchemy of transforming land into gold. The late patriarch Sheldon Adelson, paired with Dumont’s acumen, ensured the company’s real estate retained its sovereignty, which later paid dividends with lucrative asset sales, including a Pennsylvania casino and Las Vegas’ crowning jewels.

A pivotal moment was the sale of the Venetian Resort and the Sands Expo and Convention Center for a heart-stopping $6.25 billion, with a significant portion—$4 billion—swallowed by VICI Properties, which heralded in the real estate component of this monumental transaction.

The plans for the newly acquired Dallas land remain cloaked in mystery. Will the Adelson-Dumont consortium replicate their golden touch, or will this venture charter a new course? For now, the Mavericks’ loyalties are pledged to the American Airlines Center until 2030, which they share with the keen skaters of the NHL’s Dallas Stars.

It is crucial to demarcate this discussion from another recent real estate headline: the acquisition of 108 acres by a corporation with ties to Las Vegas Sands, placed near the hallowed ground of Texas Stadium in Irving. This deal, fertile with speculation, hints at the potential for a casino resort flowering in Texas, possibly with Cuban and Las Vegas Sands in alliance—a shared vision of grandeur and entertainment ignited by the possibilities of tomorrow.

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