Beneath the luminous neons and amidst the ceaseless hum of slot machines, The Venetian Resort Las Vegas is poised to unfurl a tapestry of loyalty, finely woven with the threads of its newest program, Venetian Rewards. Set to eclipse the soon-retired Grazie Rewards, this innovative customer loyalty brainchild converges service with splendor, slated for its grand reveal come March.

Venturing into an era of indulgence and acknowledgment, Venetian Rewards meticulously crafts its lure with a quartet of tiers: Jade, Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond. Each tier is a promise of more—the operator heralds it as “the most rewarding program on The Strip.”

Upon entering this wonderland of gilded opportunities, patrons will soon recognize that Venetian Rewards transcends mere transactions. This program is a passport to opulence, where every wager, every meal savored, every encore applauded, and every blissful spa moment is a step closer to suite upgrades and complimentaries that usher in the Vegas experience as it was meant to be—rewarding.

Grasped firmly in the hands of Apollo Global Management, The Venetian Resort has woven a new narrative since its acquisition from Las Vegas Sands in the year 2021. This change of the guard came with a promise to deliver extravagance and reward in equal measure—and Venetian Rewards is the embodiment of that promise.

Diving into the heart of the program, loyalty is not an abstract reward but rather a tangible exchange—a multitude of ways to accrue points and rise through the tiers. It positions itself uniquely among its peers, offering a rewarding journey not just within the casino walls but also within dining halls, entertainment venues, and the calming sanctuaries of the spa. Venetian and Palazzo stand united in this venture, offering two points for each dollar lavished upon their many luxuries.

Critically, this isn’t merely a gambler’s haven; Venetian Rewards crystallizes the truth that Vegas thrives beyond the baccarat and blackjack tables. Yet, when the cards do come into play, points blossom on the casino floor like desert flowers after rain. From slots to video poker, each lever pulled and hand played becomes a founding block for a tower of benefits.

Redemption is a sweet siren’s song, as the points garnered pave the way into a myriad of experiences. Every hundred points bloom into a dollar’s worth, redeemable across a spectrum of pursuits that define the Vegas way of life. Whether tempting fortune on the slots or savoring the aria of the Vegas night, the cycle of earn and indulge spins ever on.

Ascending the program’s tiers is akin to climbing a ladder of stars. Sapphire twinkles into existence at 3,000 points, followed by the more radiant Ruby at 20,000 points, and finally, the burnished gleam of Diamond at 50,000 points. Each tier bestows bounties fitting their namesakes — dining credits, spa respites, and swathes of air to carry eager guests back to this desert oasis.

In an age where patrons often perceive loyalty programs as a maze with a moving end, Venetian Rewards arrives not just as an antidote, but as a revolution. It is a testament to the enduring charm of rewards that foster loyalty, and a challenge laid at the feet of rival programs that stretch along the famous Strip. Where others may falter, Venetian Rewards stands to beguile, to enchant, and to ensconce in comfort those who seek the embrace of Lady Luck within the arms of The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

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