Within the electrified sanctuary of the Scotiabank Arena, a rhythmic chorus of “Sammy” chants cascaded from the stands as the clock dwindled down to its final two minutes. Yet, in a sudden twist of fate, the air of celebration was pierced by the sharp sting of disappointment – Andrew Copp, with all the calmness of a practiced thief, snatched away the joy of the home crowd by depositing the game-winner into the back of the net.

Ilya Samsonov, back between the pipes after a two-week departure from the team’s roster, had put forth a commendable effort in his return. Alas, his teammates struggled to create moments of genuine peril against an adversary that had barely settled in, having arrived at the venue mere moments before the clash, around 6 p.m. The Toronto Maple Leafs, affluent in their collection of “loser points” for the season, were left ruing the fact that once more they likely squandered not just one, but two points, on consecutive evenings.

In a daring shake-up, the Leafs debuted novel combinations in their forward lines. Among these was a particularly intriguing trio, a blend of Pontus Holmberg’s tenacity with the refined skills of Auston Matthews and William Nylander. An energized Holmberg found twine, while Mitch Marner, ever the craftsman, notched his 600th career point. Despite these milestones, the air in coach Sheldon Keefe’s office would be terse postgame – his assembly had not shown their usual lustre. The night was ultimately clinched by an empty-net dagger from the stick of Lucas Raymond, ensuring a 4-2 triumph for the Detroit Red Wings.

**Three stars**

1. **Tyler Bertuzzi**

Bertuzzi rose to the occasion, transforming a vigorously contested neutral zone faceoff into a drawn penalty. He later capitalized on a power play to unfurl a significant scoring opportunity. His successful setup for his linemate came as a relieving conclusion to a three-game drought, a spell where points remained elusive:



β€” Omar (@TicTacTOmar) January 15, 2024

Laboring through a paltry 1:21 on ice in the previous game, Bertuzzi’s rejuvenated performance was a vital step to redeem himself in Keefe’s esteem. Although his ice presence was moderate at 14:40, that assist shone undeniably bright.

2. **Pontus Holmberg**

Emerging as a recent phenomenon, Holmberg’s elevation to the first line was a reward well-earned. He commenced the duel with a ferocious hit on Patrick Kane, swiftly followed by a penalty drawn in favor of the Leafs. His tenure on ice only intensified in the second, with his stick covertly altering the puck’s trajectory for the opening goal:

skates across the shooting lane and re-directs the shot pic.twitter.com/Ulhg11rITU

β€” Omar (@TicTacTOmar) January 15, 2024

But Holmberg was far from finished; creating a zone entry and a prime chance for Nylander later in the period. While his future on the top line remains in question, his performance warranted attention for further consideration.

3. **Ilya Samsonov**

Samsonov, enduring a slump that saw him concede four or more goals in four consecutive matches, had much to prove on this night. With expectations tempered, he delivered a solid albeit not stellar performance. His .870 save percentage belies the several key saves he executed, one in particular in the final minutes could have, under other circumstances, solidified a point β€” if not two β€” for the Leafs:

Samsonov robbed him pic.twitter.com/wHuqV7uGrc

β€” Omar (@TicTacTOmar) January 15, 2024

Amid a sparse selection, Samsonov was deemed a star not for brilliance, but for being a beacon in relative darkness.

**Sheldon Keefe brings out his lineup blender**

Keefe’s decision to tinker with his lines was more than a mere adjustment; it was a sweeping transformation. Holmberg graced the top line, while the “all-GTA” line saw Marner joined by Bertuzzi and Max Domi. Matthew Knies found himself demoted, and Nicholas Robertson resumed play, flanked by John Tavares and Calle JΓ€rnkrok. But the early renditions of this line juggling did not capture the imagination, despite the Leafs restraining the Red Wings defensively in the first. The much-awaited spark was absent.

The Leafs showed more threat in the second period, thanks to Holmberg’s swift score and Domi’s breakaway bid. Bertuzzi’s precision pass threaded the needle to Marner for a celebratory goal. Nevertheless, Toronto never quite asserted full control. Despite some expected weariness from their grueling schedule β€” their third game in four nights β€” complacency was inexcusable considering the Red Wings’ delayed arrival.

**Ilya Samsonov looks playable**

Despite the swinging pendulum of line changes, the spotlight was unwaveringly fixed on Samsonov. With the Leafs having recently demoted him to waivers, rather than logging minutes with the Marlies, he concentrated on a mental reset and meticulous work with the coaching staff. While falling short of spectacular, the fruits of his labor were evident.

The Leafs afforded him a gentle reentry into the game, allowing a scant three shots within the first 10 minutes, with Toronto’s power plays to thank. Samsonov withstood his first crucial trial post the Bertuzzi penalty, surviving Detroit’s most presentable chance. For the rest of the period, as Detroit ratcheted up the pressure, Samsonov remained resolute.

The second period mirrored the first β€” Leafs dominating early, only to be pinned back by penalties and Red Wings pressure. Samsonov’s resistance was finally breached by Dylan Larkin’s laser-like shot:

Dylan Larkin ties it at 1 pic.twitter.com/gPzD2HFr2s

β€” Omar (@TicTacTOmar) January 15, 2024

J.T. Compher skirted past Samsonov, only to be foiled by the goal-saving heroics of Simon Benoit:

Simon Benoit saves a goal pic.twitter.com/kulLCq35tK

β€” Omar (@TicTacTOmar) January 15, 2024

When the third period unfolded, misfortune struck as Daniel Sprong exploited a misjudged poke check:

Daniel Sprong dodges the poke check and scores pic.twitter.com/1MgZrRY0E8

β€” Omar (@TicTacTOmar) January 15, 2024

**Game Score**

_Final grade: C-_

Great things were anticipated of the Leafs from the outset, especially against opponents who had scarcely set foot in Scotiabank Arena before the scheduled game time. Yet, the Leafs seemed off their game, lacking precision during early power plays and allowing the Red Wings to end the first period on a high note. The newly minted lines exhibited potential, but were yet to truly mesh.

A tepid affair ensued in the second, and although the Leafs edged ahead, the night was shy of remarkable events. The Red Wings’ tardy arrival should have been a footnote, not an alibi, for the Leafs’ lackluster energy.

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