In the dynamic arena where hospitality meets the exhilarating world of gaming, a new alliance is poised to redefine luxury and reward. A fusion of industry titans, Marriott International and MGM Resorts International, have unfurled the details of their innovative customer loyalty partnership: the MGM Collection with Marriott Bonvoy.

The grand canvas of the Las Vegas Strip will come alive in a new way for members of this exclusive cohort. The multinational hotel chain, Marriott, has crafted a strategic alliance with the sovereign of sin city, MGM Resorts. Shaped to entice and elevate the guest experience, this allegiance will bestow upon MGM Reward’s gold members the privilege of Marriott Bonvoy Silver Elite status. The stakes are higher for those adorned with MGM’s platinum tier, who will savor the Golden Elite status within Bonvoy, while the coveted few boasting MGM Rewards NOIR by invitation will ascend to the pinnacle of luxury—the eminent Bonvoy Ambassador Elite. This elite status matchmaking, brimming with inherent opulence and finesse, will remain steadfast through the end of the year 2024, charting a new course in the annals of hospitality and entertainment.

As the curtain rises on this entrancing alliance, members of both programs are set to unlock extraordinary benefits and experiences that transcend mere accommodation. Come early 2024, the pulsating heart of Las Vegas will beat to the rhythm of Marriott Bonvoy points as members earn and redeem at an expanding constellation of high-profile destinations, on the legendary Strip and the city’s glittering expanses.

Yet, the MGM Collection with Marriott Bonvoy’s debut remains shrouded in anticipation. Although declared in October, the launch was held in abeyance, courtesy of a digital onslaught—a ransomware attack against MGM that spurred a recalibrated launch strategy.

Looking beyond the digital tribulations, the partnership stretches across MGM’s extensive portfolio of 17 signature domestic properties, including, but not limited to, the opulent icons on the Las Vegas Strip and MGM’s regional gaming havens. Starting in the golden month of October, aficionados can secure their sanctuaries within the MGM Collection with Marriott Bonvoy via and the Marriott Bonvoy mobile application. Projections suggest a full integration of all MGM venues into the Marriott ecosystem by the close of the year.

This pragmatic and tenacious collaboration emerges amid a climate where point pursuit becomes an evermore essential facet of travel, with gaming connoisseurs adjusting loyalty schemes to varying degrees of fanfare. The promise of this partnership not only tantalizes with potential perks but stands as a bastion of revenue and business growth. MGM’s venerable CEO, Bill Hornbuckle, casts a vision of incipient profits foretold by this union, anticipating a tidal wave of incremental prosperity magnified by group activities attuned to the natural ebb and flow of the business cycle.

Beyond the unmatched opulence for MGM’s legion of over 43 million patrons, the partnership extends an olive branch that allows members to intertwine their accounts with Marriott Bonvoy, opening the doors to a plethora of selected member benefits across a multitude of participating Marriott properties.

Indeed, loyal devotees of Marriott Bonvoy, who have yet to tread the illustrious paths of MGM casinos, will not forsake their chance at glory. These discerning travelers shall earn and surrender points on their stays, enveloped in the embrace of destinations such as ARIA Resort & Casino, Bellagio Resort & Casino, and Park MGM Las Vegas upon their impending availability through Marriott’s revered channels.

In this symphony of grandeur and allure, where the notes of hospitality and gaming converge in a majestic crescendo, the MGM Collection with Marriott Bonvoy stands not merely as a partnership but as a celebration of premium experiences—crafted for the distinguished few, coveted by the many.

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