In a moment thick with an almost tangible dread, an all too familiar scene unfolded under the piercing glare of stadium lights. Along the sideline, the Buffalo Bills could feel the grip of history tightening around their collective heartbeat. Spectators, hushed by anticipation, watched as Tyler Bass, the latest silhouette against the cold backdrop of playoff pressure, squared up for a 44-yard field goal attempt—a chance to tie the game and breathe life into the Bills’ faltering hopes against the formidable Kansas City Chiefs.

Time, it seemed, stood still. Then, the snap, the hold, the kick—each action unfolding in harrowing slow motion, every eye tracking the trajectory of the ball. The outcome was as swift as it was cruel: wide right. Those very words, seared into the psyche of Bills fans, now found a new chapter in the team’s anthology of agony.

The echo of Scott Norwood’s infamous Super Bowl miss rang out anew, a ghostly reminder of the razor-thin line between victory and despair, as Bass’s kick failed to navigate the uprights. In the space of a heartbeat, the sails of hope were deflated; the specter of the past had returned to reclaim the present.

This latest twist of fate sealed a bitter end to the Bills’ campaign, while the Kansas City Chiefs, with the steady composure of champions, methodically secured a first down, the clock dwindling down to the inevitable conclusion. Victory was theirs, as was passage to their sixth consecutive AFC Championship game.

For the Bills, the sting was all too familiar, a third consecutive departure in the Divisional Round, each loss more aching than the last—second consecutive on their own turf, and once more at the hands of the Chiefs. Buffalo’s faithful, NFL connoisseurs, and the ever-chattering voices of social media soon erupted in a cacophony of commentary, dissecting the miss that will linger long in the lore of the game.

When history whispers its somber tales, some speak of curses, while others speak of chance. On that icy night, as the stars looked down upon a field shrouded in what-ifs and might-have-beens, the Buffalo Bills walked off into the crisp winter air, their dreams yet again deferred, leaving the hallowed gridiron to ponder the weight of two haunting words—wide right.

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